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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 30th, 2016
I have purchased thousands of dollars of magic from Penguin Magic since December 28, 2010. I am told by PM that I am in their top 500 customers.

This download is a perfect example of everything that magic instruction should NOT be. Like most trailers these days you do not get to see a full performance of the effect. After you have purchased the "product" you still do not get to see a full performance (neither LIVE or STUDIO) of the effect.

The presenter displays fully exposed views of the moves required to make the effect work but seems unable to do the moves without helping with the other hand (which of course you would not do in performance).

The gimmick required is easily made with common household items but once it is in place seems almost impossible to handle to achieve the effect.

The video filming and editing is of the poorest quality and is the opposite of what a "professional" magic product should be.

Penguin Magic needs to stop promoting such amateurish schlock.

At the end of the video the presenter says that after you practice "a lot" you will be able to amaze your audience. If the presenter cannot demonstrate a full performance of the effect how motivated do you think I am to practice "a lot".

$$$$$$'s spent and an hour and a half of my life spent that I will never get back on an effect that I will never practice or perform.


My advice:

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Sep 22nd 2017 8:09pm
congradulations on being on their top 500 list , you must be an amazing magician in the real world...

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