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> Decibel by Adam Wilber

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 24th, 2016
This trick sucks.They don'the give you any info on the way trick works. I watched the trailer over 50 times prior to buying. Once I received it in found out it required a stooge. They gave no indication of that or I would not have bought it. Without giving any secrets away besides the second person! It does not work anyway near the way it works in the trailer. I think buyer should know what they are getting into. I have been doing magic since I was 12 and I am 41 now, I never once wanted to return a trick or felt this way about a trick. I have spoken to 5 magicians that have bought this and they feel the same way. Ellu sinister is just trying to sell product. They should at least say that it requires a stooge. Buyers beware.

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Aug 05th 2016 7:27pm
They actually released a video tutorial that teaches you to do it without a stooge, exactly the same way in the trailer.

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Aug 06th 2016 4:11pm
Isn't it an assistant, rather than a stooge? The participant still experiences the effect, but you have to use an assistant.

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Aug 08th 2016 10:16pm
Actually it's an amazing effect. Giving it one star is just ridiculous even if it's not your cup of tea. It's well made, it does exactly what it says it will do, you can add an app that will allow you to do the effect without an assistant and even without the app there are many ways to do this (Sven pads) Your review is way more misleading than anything in the ad. If you gave it a three I'd understand but as is your "review" is useless.

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Aug 10th 2016 6:59pm
I think you would probly like the magic coloring book or scotch n soda.Maybe not scotch n soda.But for sure the magic color book.Something not so hard.We all understand gitting something to hard can make you so mad.Aaarrgggh..

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Oct 17th 2016 5:02am
can i get that app on adroid?

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Nov 25th 2016 10:00pm
I find this comment very helpful, i can't say whether or not it deserves a one star, but i agree that many effects that are being sold have very misleading trailers.
I think it is a topic that needs to be addressed.
That being said i am very thankful that penguin has great customer service and a reasonable return policy.
Just my two cents

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