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> Fred by Any Other Name by John Bannon

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 22nd, 2016
I first became introduced to this plot many years ago in a Sankey trick, I'm pretty sure it was in Sankey Unleashed. When I first saw it I was enthralled by the idea and I made up the deck only to realize that the trick was inherently flawed and essentially made people want to inspect an uninspectable deck. There were ways to get around it it, but none of them were elegant so I shelved the trick.

Over the years I've came back to the plot a few times, but none of the reincarnations ever made it into the tricks I do regularly.

I don't pretend to know every version of this trick that exists but this is the only version of this plot I can see myself doing. All you need to carry around is an index card, not an entire separate deck which is a huge plus. You can put this into your set at any time as it uses a completely shuffled deck.

It was a nice touch for him to include two PDFs with names on them (although I plan on making my own for several reasons).

It may also be worth exploring the idea of saving it as an image on your phone and texting it to your friend as they shuffle the deck.

The utility move he teaches is a nice one and its well taught. I don't know if that's the peek I'd use, but regardless its a good move and well worth knowing.

This trick is not a knock 'em dead closer, nor is it meant to be. Its meant to be a middle trick, or maybe even an opener, and it serves that purpose well.

Even if the line doesn't fit your personality it may still be worth picking this up and then if you are ever working a table and you get the feel that this is the right trick to do for that table you can just whip it out at any time.
(You can even use this trick as an out if you are doing a trick in which you intend to classic force a card and miss the force.)

I must say, I'm definitely more happy with this than I expected to be. I really particularly love the fact that you don't need to memorize anything. That's very rare for these types of tricks and his solution works really well. Enjoy!

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Nov 24th 2016 1:07am
If this trick isn't a "knock'm dead" trick then why would it be in your set at all. There are so many "knock'm dead" effects that all of your sets should be filled with them!

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Jan 27th 2017 4:07pm
I agree with your review.
@EZ, though this is good, it is not a closer to a routine, it is best used somewhere between the open and close. As fireman said, it is not the knock them opener nor is it the closer. This is one that should be in the middle of the set if you are using it in a set. There are stronger openers and closers, but this one can be put in a routine.
In my own opinion, it is one that will be in my pocket/wallet and be there for when someone asks me to do something, it is not going to be a part of my routine. It is, in itself, an 'impromptu' effect that can stand on its own or be used to then elevate towards more in an impromptu performance.

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