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> Little Door by Roddy McGhie

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 17th, 2017
The great...

The reactions to this trick are incredible! The gimmick itself is whimsical, fun, and unique!

The performance angles are great, should even be 360, so you shouldn't even get busted if you do correctly.

The box is completely examinable after the trick.

The trick is VERY EASY to do!

Why 3 stars? The not so great...

I personally think it's really expensive for what you get and what you don't get.

- The gimmick is not completely ready to go out of the box. You DO need an x-acto knife and will need to do easy craftsmanship to finish the gimmick.

- You DON'T receive a deck of cards (Under Wraps by Mark Mason, which has similar mechanics but a very different trick by also requires a card box, and that trick provides a box and the cost is 12 bucks less)

- You DON'T get a dry-erase marker (so you're gonna have to go get one if you don't have one) and if you want to use a standard sharpie like in the video, you'll need to spend a couple bucks and do some work to make that happen.

- The gimmick IS well made, but you're not going to get a lifetime of performance from it if you perform regularly. Even with the best of care, parts of this gimmick are going wear out or get damaged from use.

Still, I must recommend supremely, since this is a worker on steroids! The reaction that spectators give RIGHT AFTER you just draw the door and haven't even done anything yet, and they start smiling because the quietly intuitively know an impossible miracle is coming PRICELESS That's why I still purchased two and would buy again.

Some tips:

I perform in a walkaround setting. I am not completely comfortable with relying on "persistence of vision" if I didn't draw the door so great so 1) I put the card box face down in front of me when I take the cards out of the box (to space out the amount of time the original drawing was viewed) and 2) I almost immediately erase the door after I show it for the last time. The reactions still kill. This performance potentially allows for a persistent spectator to see twice without getting busted.

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Jun 12th 2017 3:28pm
EM-J, I think this trick is well worth the $40. The reaction I got the 1st time I performed this more than made up for the cost. Each gimmick is hand made (very well, I think) and I think will last quite some time with normal use. Also, mine came with a dry erase marker. And, turning a Sharpie into a dry erase is pretty simple - there are YouTube videos that teach you.

PS: In the 80's this would've been a $100 trick

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Jan 18th 2018 2:01pm
I understand that I am writing this comment nearly a year after the original posting of the review. I just want to make sure that anyone who reads the three star review is aware of a few things.

First of all this magic trick is a reputation maker. I personally have booked 3 magic gigs because I approached someone and showed this trick then handed out my business card. This magic trick will get you booked for shows.

This trick might not have come with a dry erase marker when the individual posted the three star review. I ordered this magic trick in January of 2018 and it came with a dry erase marker.

In the video it shows Roddy using a permanent Sharpie marker to draw his door. Roddy also shows how to take the dry erase marker that you receive when you purchase this magic trick and converted into a Sharpie permanent marker housing. However, I have found that it is completely unnecessary to go to all the effort of converting a dry erase marker into the Sharpie permanent marker housing because at the end of the trick you wipe the ink off and The Spectator will know that you were using a dry erase marker.

The individual who left a three-star review also stated that this trick is not worth $40. I cannot emphasize how much I strongly disagree. First and foremost when you purchase a magic trick you are NOT just purchasing the materials needed to make the magic trick. When you purchase a magic trick you are buying knowledge. Just like when you go to college you are not buying a job you are buying knowledge. When you purchase a magic trick you are purchasing an idea that someone spent an incredible amount of time and thought creating. How many decks of cards (and other materials) did Roddy destroy while he was going through the trial-and-error process of creating this trick? I have created several magic tricks that I have kept to myself and I can tell you that I have put in hundreds of hours of work trying to get it perfect. It has been my experience that you don't just wake up one day knowing exactly how you're going to make a magic trick. It starts with an idea and then you refine that idea through trial and error until you finally come up with a trick that works.

hopefully I'm not giving away any information by saying this but the gimmick is made with no fewer than 4 decks of cards ($8) Along with "other materials" (I will not name the other materials because I do not want to give away how the trick works) the "other materials" are going to have to be purchased from a specialty store for on the internet for no less than $12. Then you must take into consideration that each gimmick is made by hand (labor is not cheap) in other words the materials required to make this trick cost around $20 the knowledge that you receive when you purchase this trick is worth much much more then the $40 required.

I would gladly pay $100 for this trick. The truth is I wish they would charge at least $100 for this trick because I have noticed that a high price tag will stop people who are not serious about performing Magic from purchasing tricks. Which means that the trick remains a secret for The Magicians who are out there performing professionally.

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Jan 28th 2018 10:46am
I got a dry erase marker....

While I feel the reviewer has some valid points, the reactions I've gotten from this effect are worth far more than $40. Little Door has gone straight into my Act. No if and or buts about it, It's that good of an effect.

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