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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 25th, 2017
As much as I deeply admire Gary Jones, this one is not something to rave about. It starts with showing two groups of four cards and then immediately runs into a major issue which involves a blatant discrepancy in putting 4 cards into the spectators hands. This discrepancy cannot be avoided in the handling and is noticed immediately by an attentive audience. Next comes a series of very bad flustration type convincers, three out of 4 of which are discrepancies once again. So what we have in this setup is no less than 4 discrepancies, an unfortunate circumstance that greatly exceeds my tolerance for hiding discrepancies. The transpo-reveal is a four card transpo that cannot be examined unless the "cards in pockets" routine is used (my recommendation). This four card transpo will not be replacing my existing routines. The handling on this is way below average for Gary. Fifteen bucks is way too much for this rather very poor handling riddled with way too many discrepancies. "Double Back" is much more impressive with much better handling. I hope Penguin gives me a coupon for my continued support.

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Mar 03rd 2017 1:22am
Hi Liam, yes there is a discrepancy, but this flies past the spectators, especially if the performer is a good performer....but even a hack could make it fly past. If you feel guilty doing this then please at least try it out on someone, maybe a friend or family member, I'm sure that if you do you will find out that you were worrying over nothing.
Seriously, I have been doing this effect for years and have never been busted, this is due to how the human brain works. They see the cards counted, and when they're placed onto the spectator's hand they see the joker at the face of your packet, their brain fills in all the gaps.....I really urge you to try it out on someone, I promise it will fool them, I would never put my name on something I wouldn't do, or that doesn't work 100% of the time. Best wishes, Gary Jones.

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