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> Invisible Touches by Lior Manor

Mostly a lecture on spoon bending and a device you woud have to search for and pay hundreds for Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 22nd, 2017
I was expecting a detailed lecture on invisible touches but this is a lecture heavy on BASIC spoon bending. I was disappointed in the contents.

There is a 3.5 minute discussion on the basics and summary of uses.

Then there is over 25 minutes of basic Spoon bending technique and not the best most convincing on one or two bends. Later he suggests you study everyone else like Guy Balvi and Banacheck. I am so disappointed that this is a spoon bending lecture not a Invs. Touch lecture. Yes, if you want to learn spoon bending go with those DVDs not this one.

To make it worse, he first explains all his method on his bends and THEN they repeat it with someone named Sara. So at times you hear explanations 3 times for Spoon bending not Invisible touches. Any time spent is on moves he credits to others so you really don't need this video if you want to learn Spoon bending .

Focusing on Invisible Touches is only 9.58 minutes. He uses two people to demo . The one technique he uses I picked up on in the beginning of the DVD and maybe one on one it would be hard to catch but with a larger audience I think some will see what they did and be confused that others were shocked. He is mixing in PK touches so again, the short amount of detail spent on it is not fully in Invisible touch but also PK touch.

Now what really was disappointing was the coolest effect on the DVD because you will NOT be able to do it. You would have to buy something. He does not say where to get one so you would have to seek it and it is $hundreds$.

He introduces it as something NEW but it is not even HIS device and a full 5 minutes is spent on something very few will incorporate as it is not included in the package.

He spends 3 minutes on psychology and showmanship and suggests you study the full body of work out their to really understand this.

Then he spends another minute, returning to the spoon bending lecture, on the melting, breaking spoon saying to learn it for the WOW factor.

The last minute is for thank yous and to leave him a positive review on Penguin if one liked but said he would accept any review to learn from.

IT would seem Lior is not the issue but how Penguin mislead me to believe this was going to be the real work on Invisible Touch from the creator. But what i get is a Spoon bending lecture, with a sprinkle of IT and PK and a teaser for how good it can look if you buy special props.

At the time of this review there is no mention of the contents or that it is heavy focus on spoon bending.

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Mar 26th 2017 2:22pm
Damn, this misleading thing in the trailers these days has to stop. Also I wonder how can it be, that so many others gave five stars than?
But besides that, its a trend now to make trailers look like cinema trailers for a new hollywood blockbuster with epic heroic music and to top that bullsh... to cut the trailers heavily to criminaly mislead us to false conclusions about what the trick is and how it might work.
Makes me sick. I thought I can have my peace with the world at least in the magic society.

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Mar 28th 2017 4:59am
Thanks for the feedback. Saved me some money,I was about to add this to my cart. Its pretty sad these magic trailers are such lies today,just to sell their products,I think it should be a crime. Thanks again for the HONEST reviews!!

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Apr 01st 2017 7:30am
F**K already bought it...

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Apr 08th 2017 9:12pm
I honestly didn't think it was that bad. I mean yes it has its dissapointments, but I thought it was pretty good. It is only $20 you shouldn't expect a whole crash course in both areas of mentalism. It was a nice introduction to two great effects.

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Dec 11th 2017 9:17pm
Appreciate the info. If I'm going to buy a DVD about invisible touches.....I'd expect it to be primarily about...yup, you guessed it...invisible Talk about bait and switch. I'd have been very upset buying this, and getting a spoon bending instead. Clearly none of the magicians who commented endorsements of this product didn't actually watch

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