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> FaceLift by Leon Andersen

One of the few tricks that looks even better in person than the demo Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 30th, 2017
When I watched the demo it looked kind of fishy to me. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. Now having seen how the trick works... wow, the demo doesn't do it justice. This trick is great. I'm not sure if I should have just kept my mouth shut so most people would avoid it...

I probably shouldn't be this way but I find that I am much more excited about tricks if they have a clever diabolical method and I perform them far more often. that being said, I'm going to perform this one a lot.

I do wish he would have taught a good way to get into and out of this trick. The trick as its taught starts dirty and ends dirty. The standard way I'm used to wringing in a gaffed card won't work here. I'm sure that Leon must have a good way to wring it in and ditch it after performing this trick regularly for 13 years and it is irresponsible and inexcusable for him not to teach it. (In truth if you start with this trick you can ditch the gaff in the standard ways, and this trick is a good opener so I decided not to take off a star for that even though maybe I should have just to make a point.)

I am a little confused about the durability. Unless I'm misremembering (feel free to comment and help me out) e went from saying that this gaff lasted him 13 years (since the day he created it) to saying that it only lasts 5-10 performances to saying that he has changed the gaff several times. I'd imagine that most likely the thing that will kill your gaff will be storage before and after the trick. That's another thing he probably should have covered.

Honestly, I suspect that he may have came up with this brilliant idea 13 years ago but he probably forgot it for 12 years in the middle, A- because he doesn't seem like the type to keep such a great idea to himself for so long and B- If he had really been performing it that many times he should have better advice, tips, and patter so I'm not sure why that isn't being shared.

You also get a very nice bonus where Dee Christopher shows you how to use a gimmick you probably already own to perform this in a way that doesn't look fishy on camera (although Dee sounds totally awkward- like this is the first time he has ever spoken to a camera that doesn't diminish from the fact that it is an awesome idea).

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Apr 03rd 2017 2:16pm
If you do it as poorly as the ad copy, then you don't have to worry about keeping the secret. It's pretty bad.

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Apr 05th 2017 9:05am
Actually, tell method it looks like he's using in the demo is not the actual method. If your definition of fooled is that your spectators will come up with the wrong method (as is the case in the show Fool Us) A- You should get out of magic and B- Your spectators will be "fooled."

If however you put in 5 minutes of practice (so your performance will look way better than the one in the demo) your spectators will actually be totally fooled.

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