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> Ambitious Finger by Mario Lopez

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 11th, 2017
Mario pulls off a great effect and it looks brilliant. Unfortunately, not everyone who purchases this will be able to perform it, including myself. Great if you can, not so great if you can't.

Guess I've probably spilled a drink at some point in my past that cost the price of this download, so it's not a big loss, but it's extremely disappointing that there is no way I can do it, and I'd go double or nothing that many others will find the same thing applies to them post-purchase.

Sorry I can't expound on the specifics but I don't want to spoil anything. If you are capable this is going to be an awesome buy for you.

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Apr 13th 2017 6:30pm
This download was totally useless to you as you are unable to perform the effect...and you still gave it three stars. Wow. That is generous.

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Apr 13th 2017 8:35pm
I think you just confirmed my suspicions about how this was done, and if that's the case I most certainly will not be able to do it either

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Apr 14th 2017 3:53am
Done exactly the way you think, most people won't be able to do it.

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Apr 14th 2017 9:59am
Thanks for posting this guys. I'm pretty sure I know how it's done now. And you're right, most people will NOT be able to perform this. Too bad... because it really is a cool trick.

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Apr 14th 2017 2:11pm
What makes it so hard for some?

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Apr 14th 2017 5:11pm
After a day and a half of practicing on and off, I'm afraid I'm part of the "no way in hell I could ever do this trick" group. If I didn't see the performance video, I wouldn't think anybody could do it. But clearly that's not the case. Alas.

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Apr 15th 2017 12:24am
Well Tooter19, it's actually a matter of age and digital flexibility....that's about all I can allude to....

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Apr 15th 2017 4:24am
If this effect requires certain amounts of dexterity to work it then this definitely needs to go into the description in some way or another. Yes it's going to possibly give away an idea to the secret but I'm pretty sure in this country at least (UK) you could get into a lot of trouble for not telling people that fact. If you're purchasing something and then find out afterwards that it doesn't work for you then that is pretty bad.
Personally after watching the first couple of seconds of the effect I'm fairly positive I see how it's done and if I'm right then yes only a certain amount of people are going to be able to perform this. Selling an item with no warning that it may or may not work for you is very bad.
Magic tricks which take a lot of practice are fine as it's down to the individual to practice but if it's a trick whereby unless you're built in a certain way then that's definitely not okay.

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Apr 16th 2017 7:31pm
Of all the tricks I have bought through Penguin, this must be the mother of all disappointment. It is impractical and unless you have contortionist DNA you're not going to pull it off. The marketing hype was just too much.

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Apr 16th 2017 8:49pm
PazzazMagic . . . . Warning, Warning, Warning. Yes there should be a WARNING concerning rather you have contortionist DNA or not.I buy a lot of magic from Penguin and I've never been so disappointed with a product as I am with this.
My favorite Magician at Penguin is Rick Lax and I doubt seriously that even Rick could pull this off. I've seen a lot of magic shops come and go over my 60+ years because their "Customer Service Honesty" disappeared and so did they.
A store credit of my investment certainly would be appreciated.

And as always . . . . many at Penguin Magic "In my humble opinion" are the Equivalent of M.I.T. engineers because you consult and think things through over time.
I can tell you right now Dr. Bose would not have let this one slip through.

Your Loyal Customer

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Apr 17th 2017 2:41am
The trick said: no gimmicks, impromptu, etc

If the method is as obvious as it seems on the demo, is it really no gimmicks? Don't you need something to hide the contortions? (In the video it was hidden behind the card case). If so, I wish they would vet their demos better and not send such a misleading email.

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Apr 17th 2017 10:53am
My single-star review wasn't even approved... I bashed the trick pretty harshly.

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Apr 17th 2017 11:23am
Hey guys, I think your feedback is warranted. I even chimed in myself... but let's be respectful of Mario and not use words that really give a good hint to how it's done. While it maybe be impossible for some of us, we shouldn't say things that give away the secret. In all fairness, some can do it. Maybe not me or you... but the person that can should still have to buy the trick to learn it... not just read our comments. Just my two cents.

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