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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 27th, 2017
I have been using marked decks for years now in my regular performing.
Usually, I mark my own Bicycle Rider backs, and I was excited to see a cheap alternative. This deck is great in so many ways, however, I would have done away with the mark at the top and bottom of the deck. I think it is a bit of an overkill to mark this deck in 6 different spots, and thus essentially making it impossible to hand out for any sort of examination by a spectator...I just wouldn't feel comfortable letting a spectator look at the back for longer than a few seconds.
If the mark at the top and bottom was gone, I think the deck would be much better at passing by a spectator. Just my two cents...
However, kudos for providing a beyond reasonably priced marked deck.

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Dec 15th 2018 4:58pm
I absolutely agree completely. I’d give them 4stars though. Great price!

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Dec 30th 2018 10:44pm
It’s actually got 10 marks when you think about it. 10 spots for a spectator to notice.

But It’s hard to know how much they stand out because we know they are there and that’s all we see.

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Jan 10th 2019 7:29am
But the spectator (If he wasnt a fellow magician) wouldn’t know what to look for

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Jan 10th 2019 8:17am
Dude rule of magic: people are not going to find something they are not looking for.

For someone who has performed for so many years maybe you have forget the basics, no worry about the marks.

I have never ever seen someone spend more than 1 second looking the back of a card, Why on earth would they do? (Unless of course you want to OVER prove there's nothing strange and explicitily tell them to insepect the front and the back but that is just not intelligent tho)

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