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> Quantum Angel by Paul Harris

Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 23rd, 2017
I sat on this thinking if I should get it or not as some of Paul Harris latest products haven't been what I and most expected. However this time I am an extremely Happy magician 🎩, watched the video and I am in heaven , this is an absolute masterpiece package that you get. For a moment, forget about all of the details that they provide here. What you will be receiving is not only the ability to do the things that you have read but you will be receiving a kit filled with tons of variations different ways to do it however you like, so much customization that really makes this a utility device that can be used with many endless things.

Whoever is thinking of getting this buy it NOW before the word is spread and sold out because it will! You will always be able to create something that works for you. This will work with so many different effects and tricks that you already have my list is so long of things I have in mind like a Mental Pen, CIPHER etc.. Quantum Angel Is not just what you see in the trailer. once you get everything that you receive in the package you will understand. The trailer is not cut up and edited that is how it is if that is the way you want to do it. They even go the extra mile to explain how to fix things if something were to come apart but everything was made so well that this will last you alifetime if you take care of it. You really don't need refills, you are set with a lot of stuff and unless you really want to have those gold papers forever then you can get refills but you can use anything that fits and just get paper at a craft store. However, you're not gonna need to do that for quite a while as they store you with two different forms of papers in addition to other versatile accessories & included gimmicks upon your preference for how you want to perform this. I honestly don't even think I'm going to use this as a card trick, this really is a utility package and the possibilities are endless. Order this and order a mental pen you'll see exactly what I mean. They teach you how to properly store everything and cover every base you could think of in the video about an hour long. The only thing I will say lastly is that this is the thickest Paul Harris envelope that I have ever received. That should speak volumes.

If you love cards, mentalism oh and with a brilliant touch of animation, add this to your cart 🛒! enjoy 😊

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Aug 03rd 2017 6:19am
Can you please tell me a Does this come with the thick Black OUT TO LUNCH Band? Like in Video for the Out To Lunch Card Trick, Thanks.David J

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Aug 04th 2017 10:15pm
I'm not for familiar with what you're exactly talking about but it comes with a black band elastic that goes around the pack of cards that you see in the video there's nothing cut or edited. I cannot say what's attached to the elastic black band as it would give things away however it is very unique and designed very well this will last you a very long time if you take care of it but you don't even need to use the elastic band for every performance it's only for cards if you're doing A card routine so if you're just doing a reveal you don't need it you would understand once you have it but I strongly recommend this and don't think anyone would not love it , I hope that you give it a try it it's really one of a kind in my opinion much different than a lot of the Paul Harris stuff put out it's a very diverse it's really a utility device and also a reveal device that I mainly use more than the typical card tricks that you would normally see but you can use the cards for the reveal with the animation so enjoy and if you have any other questions feel free to ask

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