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> Calendar by Rick Lax

Great new twist on an old idea. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 25th, 2017
I was fortunate to get a chance to see & review this early.
If you like this type of effect and you like what you see, then get it!
The ad copy is accurate and it works just like you see performed.

For those who do mentalism and who've done something similar to this in the past, here are a few points worth noting. First of all you reveal 2 things about the person; both their birth month and date. Often in these effects you only reveal one piece of information. Secondly, the astrology calendar is a well thought out and really nicely produced. It looks very normal, just like someone might hand you on the street or leave on your windshield. It doesn't draw any attention, which is great.

There are two methods taught. Neither is hard, though the second does require a little memory skill, but nothing difficult. I actually prefer the second method because I feel I could perform this effect completely hands off.

As always, Rick does a great job teaching. He keeps things simple, yet covers subtleties and more than one way to perform it. This will take no practice at all to learn and perform. But as in any effect, you'll want to take some time to develop your patter and make it your own.

If you like what you see, then you should get this!!

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Jul 31st 2017 1:18pm
This is nearly identical with half of the effect: ZODINO by Andreas Dante, published here at Penguin in 2015. Just that Rick's Calendar uses a folded brochure and ZODINO uses a set of astrological cards. Calendar uses 5 pages while ZODINO just uses 4 astrological cards.

Besides revealing the birth month and date, ZODINO also enables you to reveal the birth year, the zodiac sign and the astrological element. All revealed from the same quick reading! Creating a very strong reaction.

With one of the presentations of Zodino, all the before mentioned information can be revealed after explaining the cards and asking the spectator just a single yes/no question.

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Aug 01st 2017 2:15pm
Hi andante,

Rick here. I just looked through Zodino. Looks very impressive. First of all, both tricks are based on a principle that goes way back to before when Andreas or I were born. And this principle has been applied to dates before either trick was released. Looking at the Zodino PDF's they seem to accomplish different things in different ways. The 'effect' is different, the method of calculation is different, and the prop is different. Also, you mention that Zodino was published here at Penguin in 2015. I had Calendar in the works before then and we'd been selling it at live conventions...we just hadn't released the trick on the Penguin site until this week.

All that said, I do feel that Zodino is very clever and adds some things that I had not thought of. (Birth year, star sign, etc...) For me, carrying around a realistic looking Calendar is a better fit, but I do encourage people to look at Zodino as well.

If you are Andreas (or if Andreas is reading this) feel free to reach out to me if you want to hear more about the original sources on which both of our tricks are based, more about the difference in executions, or more about my documented timeline of creation/production.

Honestly, I'm bothered that you say "Rick's Calendar uses a folded brochure and ZODINO uses a set of astrological cards," as if that were the only difference. BUT, rather than getting into things further, I would just say that if you like Calendar and you want to take things further (with birth year or a version that's created for stage) then you should look into Zodino also. :)


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Aug 05th 2017 5:24am
I love both effects. Yeah, assumed the principle would be similar behind both... I already own Zodino, which is a killer and unnerving effect (I pasted the seal of Astaroth onto the front of each card); and looking forward to purchase Calendar, because looks like an actual brochure you could have found on your windshield... very organic.

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Aug 16th 2017 10:20pm
I just purchased this and I was wondering where you are finding the tutorial on how this exactly works? thanks any help is appreciated

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Aug 20th 2017 6:33pm
@Tretiff: click on the MyPenguinMagic button at the top of the screen. You should find a list of your purchases there, and if you click on the Learn button next to Calendar, you'll find the video. You can watch it online or download it by clicking on the video icon below the video window.

Also, you'll want to be sure that Request Desktop Site button is checked in your browser settings if you're not seeing the MyPenguinMagic button at the top of the screen.

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Aug 23rd 2017 9:29pm
@josho thanks man! You da GOAT

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Sep 17th 2017 12:45pm
Hello, Rick
The effect I like very much,( I've already bought the Zodino some weeks ago, but I find your calendar very effective too )if I understand well, arrive by post 2 calendars,
but .... I think, keeping the calendar folded in the wallet, it ruins and wastes in not much time (it's never great to present to the audience a worn gimmick).
Does your download also include the PDF format?

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Apr 09th 2018 5:25pm
I would love to get this, but the calendar would last only a month in my wallet where I live (Florida).

If it was on indestructible plastic cards like Mental Voyages has, then I would purchase it.

2.0 anyone?

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