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> Pseudo by Chris Rawlins

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 26th, 2017
This wound up being an impulse by that I regretted right away. When I showed my wife the trailer, she guessed the method and she isn't a magician at all. It was late at nite and I was bored so I wanted to see if she was right, and sure enough she was. I don't give this a poor rating to be mean, but this is not a top shelf trick by any stretch. I can see this being good with a younger crowd who has been drinking a little too much, but any sober adult would probably suspect something and ask to examine the cards, which wouldn't be in the best interest of the performer. As far as being a "trick", it is more of a self-glorifying kind of "look how awesome my memory is" when in reality you wouldn't be able to pull off a similar feat if the audience challenged you with another memory task immediately after. I think in a certain context for certain individuals this could be an ok effect. But this isn't something for me and my area of interest. I looked to see if I could get my money back, but unfortunately it doesn't look like penguin will refund for unwanted downloads.

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Jul 27th 2017 6:47am

I'm really sorry to hear that you feel that way about PSEUDO.

It is essentially a system that you can very easily add to your toolbox. Without meaning to sound combative, from experience with this and many many other Memory dems, it all comes down to how you preent the effect. this can be the difference between 'look how great I am' and an experience the audience won't forget. As far as examining the cards, again I feel this is down to the performer. Done in the right context, (and not shown to someone through a video on a magic site as a trick for sale) it leaves people with the simple solution that you can really remember the deck.
Of course not everything is for everyone, and I respect your honesty.
All th best,


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Jul 29th 2017 8:52pm
Chris, I would certainly like to add this: First off, I do not know the method of this effect, as I have not purchased it as of yet, but I might be able to render a decent guess based on the feed back your effect is getting. That being said, I feel like some magicians fail to realize that the simplest methods are usually the ones the impact the audience the greatest;that proverbial punch in the face we often here end results of effects being described as. Either that or they simply haven't got the nerve to pull it off because they believe someone is going to see something. Either way, my advice is, practice. And then go try it out. Give it a shot!

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Aug 03rd 2017 10:11am
The issue here is not whether a method should be difficult or simple, or that presentation doesn't play a factor in the quality of a performance. The issue in the original review is whether this trick is worth paying for. I have seen this method explained in a different trick on a youtube video. That tutorial was free and in my opinion the trick was a little bit better. The product itself isn't horrible or absolutely loathsome. I was just honestly trying to state that I didn't find it a good fit for me, and I thought the as a whole, it was not worth spending money on, especially when things at this level are given away for free on the internet. This is my subjective opinion.

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Aug 03rd 2017 11:01am
Perhaps Jeastman-827 could purchase the effect so he/she is better informed before drawing conclusions about other people's reviews who have purchased it . . .

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