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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 19th, 2017
I just got this and right off the bat I am extremely disappointed. The packaging is a tiny envelope big or small enough to just fit just the starbucks card that would be fine but the trick is in pieces. You have to build it and to do so you will have to buy 3 different glues.
This trick is what you think it is just you have to make it. You will have to go buy all the glues, do the gluing, folding sewing and all the setup.
Ridiculous. Most magi's have some type of this card in their inventory as do I and I can tell you I have bought and own gimmicks of this sort that are PREMADE and great quality at a great price.
For the price this should have been made already. LOL sew go buy a bunch of glue fold put together hahahaha.
Probably going to send it back as the effect isn't very good to justify all the bad also the card once setup is thick and can easily be seen. The trailer isn't very good so I should have known better.

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Aug 22nd 2017 6:28am
Hey there! Sorry to hear you are disappointed. It was stated clearly in the ad copy that it requires minimal assembly. The entire process should take around 10 min. We also state at the start of the video that you will need to watch the full video before you assemble your gimmick. We cover two very different ways of constructing the gimmick, depending on the handling you choose, which is why the gimmick comes unassembled. We wanted to give you the option to choose which gimmick suits your needs the best. As for needing "3 different glues", you only need one, we just covered all of the different options, so again you can choose which suits you best. Again the construction should take no more than 10 minutes and this was done to give you the most freedom with your gimmick, which was stated clearly in the ad copy.

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Aug 22nd 2017 6:37pm
This is not minimal bud. Glueing a few magnetics or replacing a rubber band is minimal. This is above average. I have the same complaint. I will be sending it back to penguin magic. I'll let someone else put it together for the effect. My talent is in the performance, not putting stuff together.

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Aug 22nd 2017 9:57pm
agreed gonzoish24. "This is not minimal bud" "This is above average"
Sending mine back.

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Aug 23rd 2017 8:09am
Agreed I feel like I was taken

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Aug 23rd 2017 10:17am
If you follow the directions, it doesn't take long to make up the gimmick. I was able to teach my brother, who is neither a magician, nor good with arts and crafts, and he made a perfect one in under 15 minutes. Sorry you feel disappointed, the description clearly said there was minimal assembly required

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Aug 23rd 2017 4:05pm
Sometimes I believe that they should sell two versions of the trick, one to make up the gimmick and the other one ready to go. I understand that sellers want from us to choose which gimmick suits our needs the best, so please construct the full gimmick and sell it for those who hate to construct it.

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Aug 24th 2017 7:53pm
Worse then that... one of the glues ... they don't even recommend you using, after tell you to use it. and no wonder. it runied mine. residue everywhere.
so after they tell you how to build it WRONG he mentions in passing he uses a type of tape. REFUND TIME.

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Aug 28th 2017 8:58pm
Magic is more than just going out and doing the trick. You have to put in work. If you can not take the short amount of time it takes to put this together than you are missing something.

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Aug 28th 2017 8:58pm
Magic is more than just going out and doing the trick. You have to put in work. If you can not take the short amount of time it takes to put this together than you are missing something.

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Oct 11th 2017 5:28am
Could you guide me to the simular products you referred to that are premade....i like the concept but would, like you, prefer an already assembled one...... Thanks in advance!

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Nov 17th 2018 9:04am
Hey PENGUINJAMES99 I guess you should tell Copperfield and Franco and every other pro out here in Vegas they are really missing out on something great. They should all fire their production crews so they can build magic...oh wait only suckers with extra time do that.

Pro's pay for completed tricks, how about you treat us like working magicians and not kids looking to expand on their arts and crafts skills. I'm so disappointed in magic the last couple years with this trend. When I started in magic 19 years ago, Magic stores sold completed tricks, or they would build it for me on the spot while showing me what they are doing.

This nonsense of charging someone then mailing a box of ingredients is ridiculous. Just make a 10.00 download if your going to do that, I know where my local Michael's arts store is.

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