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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 7th, 2017
I purchased this on the strength that in the email it clearly states any currency any language, and whilst it is true in the strictest sense the handling is definitely somewhat compromised with notes of different size, colour etc. Here in the UK we have always had different size notes and now the new plastic notes even have clear see through sections which really make the handling tricky and less natural. Great idea and if you live in the USA happy days.

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Nov 07th 2017 1:14pm
I live here in the U.K. David will it not work with paper £10/£20 Notes? is this easy to do? Stephen

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Nov 07th 2017 1:37pm
Australia also has very colorful, different colors, different sized plastic bills with clear strips along the middle section. Will it work here?

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Nov 07th 2017 2:44pm
I haven't handled the specific denominations asked about above, but I would say that I could see where this would be a challenge if the size vary greatly. However, I do think that with a little creativity and some adjustment of the handling, it could possibly be done. In the case that it can't, why not just get some US dollars (if you can) and change your presentation, just mentioning that you've collected a few American bills?

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Nov 07th 2017 4:30pm
With a little creativity, you can use American bills with no problems at all. Write a fitting script. You don't need to worry about your local currency not working this way.

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Nov 08th 2017 12:54pm
In regards to what raceblackheart said,u cld easily use American currency and explain that when u were shown this trick, u swapped Ur 50$ note for these 2 American bills just as the spectator wld agree upon doing Aswell... I personally agree with u guys tho, wld rather use the bills from my own country so it doesn't seem old having forgiven money be explaining how u got swindled into trading for them just like Ur gonna do to them...

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Nov 08th 2017 12:56pm
Sry for my last post... stupid autocorrect... I just meant forigen money is odd in any case but explaining u have these forgiven bills Cuz u fell for the swindle when it was shown to u and now Ur stuck with them...

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Nov 08th 2017 10:29pm
Although the gimmick used will not work in countries like Aus and in the UK.. the effect can definitely work if you make the gimmick differently. The gimmick isn't the secret in this effect. It's the concept and structure of the routine that you're paying for. It's not too complicated or difficult to figure out a way to use currency outside of the US.

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Nov 10th 2017 11:30am
Does this work with Canadian money? Our Bills are in Polymere, different colors & Transparent...

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Nov 12th 2017 3:55pm
As mentioned in the teaching, this effect can be performed with plane paper, which is the way I plan on doing this great little piece of theatre 🎭

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Dec 28th 2017 4:34am
The whole "use American currency, even if you are living abroad" advice can only come from Americans. Sorry... If you are not using the local currency it is simply not as strong and it is similar to stage magic tricks. People will always think it is gimmicked as soon as they see something not "regular".

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Feb 28th 2018 11:34pm
coachawsm, the problem with your xenophobic generalization on the way all Americans think is that you're stating your personal opinion as fact.

I have seen many magic tricks growing up that used money from other countries. I never thought anything of it, because the PRESENTATION was sound.
It all depends on how you PRESENT it. If you can't comprehend that simple aspect, magic might just not be for you.

Same reason we've all enjoyed a song here or there even though it has ridiculous lyrics. Because it had great music and was presented in a way that was pleasing to our ears. Same concept.
Anything can be presented properly.

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