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> Mark Southworth's Double Cross

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 13th, 2017
The pen is good quality, spectators are blown away, the trick is fairly easy to do. The downside is, it's nearly impossible to do the trick without getting Inck on yourself from the gimmick. The X that you put on your own hand does not always disappear. The black putty used to hold the gimmick leaves a black residue on your hand. Every spectator ask to see your hands after the trick and it takes away from the effect when there is Inck and black residue on your fingers. It's always a huge disappointment when the instructions don't show up on my penguin magic.

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Jan 03rd 2018 7:36pm
I’ve preformed 20+ times and gotten minimal to no residue from the putty. From all performances nobody has asked to see my hands once. Spectators are too blown away from the fact they have an X that they cannot remove. Introductory price is a little high but definitely worth it and you get many performances out of what they provide you with. As for the instructions they have it in a different video from under the double cross sheet of paper.

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Mar 06th 2018 4:36pm
My v sweaty palm can’t stick the putty even I follow the instruction given. Cause my sweaty palm was too bad . Not a trick for me

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Jul 02nd 2018 3:58pm
Thanks all! You just saved me 60 bucks!...and yes, it looks very over-priced for what you get...not to mention unreliable reactions...officially removed from my wish list! Peace

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Jul 19th 2018 4:38pm
I love this trick in low lighting but yes I almost always have some black residue on my fingers and yespeople notice it once in a while.

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Sep 26th 2018 6:35am
I dont own this but i can see what it is. And 60 dollars for a sharpie with an extra ink position is insane.95% of this stuff is severely overpriced.ppl rave about b'wave being the deal of the century and its 4 cards with 3 blanks and 1 indifferent card. And 20 bucks is a steal ! Wow .these folks must not care about money or they are rich. I've spent 100$ on silly tricks.when i get them its a gimmick i need to make from cardboard and tape.and a dvd. And im thinking wow i got taken. But i understand.they need to make money.i just think there are to many hands in the kitty. The creators.the ppl who sell the product. The video uploads, the ppl who make the effects. It all equaled high price margin effects. And if we don't like it.oh well.but there is no need to rave about these effects.where we get gimmicks that are 40$ and on top of it.need diy!

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Oct 05th 2018 2:51am
The Price is very high, yes - but that´s the rule of supply and demand I am afraid. I am not happy about it either ! But...obviously there are a lot of people buying it despite of the steep price tag ( me too) . If the high demand falls, it will be getting cheaper, so .. don´t buy it.

I never had problems with that black putty. Why don´t you just rub it off ? I never got the question: "Show me the other Hand" to be honest.
My putty works very well. It sticks almost too good. As a refill i use "black tack" which I orderd online in the UK. (check out Nick Einhorn´s at the table lecture - he mentioned it during his trick "hidden influence"). If you are from Europe: there are also various putty refills available at the propdog online store

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Nov 30th 2018 11:40pm
You are most likely doing something wrong and might want to work on audience Management Skills.

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Dec 10th 2018 7:48pm
No ,I agree with most of these chumps , I hope they never attempt this , this is soo good it shouldn't be watered down by shitty performance...

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Apr 15th 2019 9:36pm
I do not own Double Cross. I might still purchase it but so far, the reviews have made me hesitant about doing so. I would like to address mike_blarney1. Specifically the comment you made about b\'wave being expensive because all it consists of is 8 playing cards. The comment baffles me because obviously you get the 8 cards plus the secret to perform the effect and directions. To me, if I purchase a great keeper of a trick for only $20 that\'s a bargain for the secrets and instructions, and often the magician\'s time-tested hints,etc. Regardless if it includes 8 cards or none. Idk....maybe that\'s just me. Your comment is akin to saying an optician charged too much for a pair of eyeglasses because all you get is 2 lenses and a frame. I\'ll give you the lenses and frame but they will not do you any good because you don\'t know how to properly take the necessary measurements, how to accurately insert the lenses into the frame. You cannot read and interpret the Drs prescription and order or fabricate the correct lenses. What about the time and education and experience you receive from the optician? I think, and I do not mean to be rude or disrespectful to you sir, that you are looking at the price and value of a magic trick from an entirely wrong perspective. I hope that you see my point. I have purchased perhaps 200 products from Penguin and I do not think I have overpaid even once in any of those purchases. I read all the reviews first, especially the neutral and/or negative ones and I won\'t make a purchase if I am skeptical at all. I almost never purchase anything from Penguin that has no reviews. Anyway, I appreciate all of you who take the time to review your purchase, it helps me immensely.

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