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When trying to publish their tricks, the two most common problems magic inventors have are:

  1. They don't know people with the right skills (editing,design,writing)
  2. They don't have money to fund their project

That's why we built Team-up.

Finding Collaborators

Magic attracts creative people. LOTS of them. Video editors, hollywood directors, comic-book artists, screen-writers, designers, musicians and the list goes on. And thousands of them are already visiting every day. All we're doing is helping you connect with them.

So now, whether you are an inventor or not, you can Team-up with others, and collaborate on the next great magic project and possibly even earn a living doing what you love.

All you need is an idea.

Revenue-sharing is at the core of Team-up. Which means all you need to get started is a great idea, and collaborators will invest their time.

Why Team-up with others?

Publishing a magic trick is easy. Type it up, go to Kinko's and Abracadabra! You're "published". Easier yet, put a free trick on Penguin, and watch the download counter roll.

Actually selling your ideas is more difficult.

Magic products that succeed are almost always a team effort. The rare exceptions are when the creator is also a graphic designer, video editor AND gifted performer.

Now with Team-up, you can build your dream-team (or join one!), and bring your vision to life.

Whether you're a magic inventor who is looking for an editor, or you're graphic designer looking to earn a living in the magic industry, now you can find partners in the largest directory for magic production on the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What if I have an idea for a product but I don't have any money to pay people?
    A: This is actually the exact situation we designed Team-up for. As long as you can convince others that your idea is good, you can agree to pay them in future royalties. When you're putting your project on Team-up you can specify how much royalty each member of your dream-team gets.
  2. Q: I don't want to share revenue. Can I pay my collaborators a flat-fee?
    A: Sure! You can do anything you want. Just make it clear in your project outline how you're planning on compensating your collaborators.
  3. Q: Can I really earn a living in the magic industry?
    A: Yes. If you have creative or managerial skills, you can absolutely make your living doing what you love.
  4. Q: Do I need to sell my product at Penguin Magic if I use Team-up?
    A: Penguin Magic is a great place to launch a new magic product. But you're 100% free to do whatever you like with your finished product, including not sell it here. It's yours! Penguin Team-up was created to help you achieve your magic-production goals and raise the overall quality of magic products.
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