A mental masterpiece. You know the unknowable, with 100% certainty. https://t.co/SNUF3..

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A Lucky Chair Test by E.E. (Instant Download) Fresh and dramatic approach.
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E-book super bundle by Ever Elizalde (Instant Download) NINE e-books by E.E. for a single payment!
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Fernando Figueras LIVE (Instant Download) Strong mentalism, minimal props and fascinating methods from the Spanish School of Magic. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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The Watch - Chrome Classic (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Joao Miranda The Watch is the final answer to the classic watch prediction effect, where the magician correctly predicts any named hour and minute, freely chosen by the spectator. Joo Miranda and his team created the holy grail, where there are absolutely no assistants or stooges needed, and with a diabolical me
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The Vault - The Subliminal Game by Jay Di Biase video DOWNLOAD Control their mind! A two-phase routine presented as a test regarding subliminal messages.Two predictions are given to the spectator at the beginning.The experiment is about the famous kids' game Rock, Paper, Scissors and how our unconscious mind receives hidden cues. The performer will be able to d
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BANG! By Madison Hagler (Instant Download) The only chair test your audiences will rave about.
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Connected by Paul Stockman and Alakazam Magic - DVD Alakazam Magic take great pride in bringing fresh new material from original artists to the forefront of the magic and mentalism communities and the latest of these exciting new talents is a name that is destined to become synonymous with modern mentalism. For over a decade, Paul Stockman has been e
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The Ultimate Chair Test Routine by Luca Volpe and Titanas - DOWNLOAD This manuscript contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine but pay attention as it is NOT just a simple chair prediction routine, this is a COMPLETE ACT of 8 minutes that will leave your audience blown away! A multi-phase routine with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions. We will not
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Mystic Descendant - Digital Dose By Ron Chavis (Instant Download) Collected pieces from all four issues of our first year's run. Put together in the hopes of reaching those that prefer eBook over print and offer a taste of Mystic Descendant's content.Neal Scryer offers practical advice for pendulum workers while an engaging close-up piece is presented 'Inside a Lo
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The Dwarfs by Stefan Olschewski - DVD Four randomly selected spectators...Three fair choices...One amazing killer prediction...Get ready for "The Dwarfs"!Experience one of the most baffling and entertaining mentalism routines out there. Stefan explains his complete FISM act in great detail - nothing is held back. Now you will be able to
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