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Improved Blindsight by Devin Knight - Trick "I was blindsided by this new edition and method. I love doing it and so will you. I use it now as a traveling piece of real mentalism. It is real thinking to the nth degree." - Marc Salem The original Blindsight has been one of the bestselling tricks in magic, having sold over 5000 copies. Here is
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ODD Packet Trick (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Vinny Sagoo - Trick A TRULY ODD TRICK! You introduce 7 cards and an envelope with 'ODD' instructions. The spectator follows the ODD instructions eliminating all but one card, which is a completely free choice. When that card is turned over, it is a royal card. When the envelope is turned over, it states: "YOU WILL PICK
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SVENLOPES BROWN by Sven Lee (Gimmicks + 4 Bonuses) Svengali Envelopes Poker Size Brown Color
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Gaff Envelopes Collection by Sven Lee - Trick Looking to accomplish miracles? The Gaff Envelopes Collection allows you to create moments of incredible impossibility for your audiences, without their knowing that the secret is invisibly in front of them! The Gaff Envelopes Collection is a very unique and rare set of gimmicked envelopes. It is li
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Svengali Envelopes (YIN & YANG) by Sven Lee - Trick A mammoth 84-piece set! Exciting multi-phase routine. Extraordinary value. A new force in Svengali Magic! Svenlopes Yin & Yang. A mysterious routine. With multiple moments of amazement. 2 participants (perhaps partners) each randomly and freely choose an envelope. Yet their choices match with we
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Random Thoughts by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD The performer informs the audience that, prior to the show, he jotted down some "Random Thoughts" and placed them inside an envelope. He shows the audience this envelope and places it in full view before the effect begins. Any spectator is invited to help. No stooges or pre-show work. The participan
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POSTMAN by Mr. Jojo - Trick Here is a new and incredibly mystifying way to make predictions come true! With this system, the spectator can name any card, and then that exact card spills out of the prediction envelope! You can predict playing cards, words written down by the spectator, drawings, ESP symbols, and more! Easy to d
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The Awkin by Geni (Instant Download) From the mind of GeniImagine, you hand out spectator 5 same envelopes , spectator mix up all the envelopes and they chose 1 in 5 envelopes.And with Awkin , you can predict exactly what envelope they chose, and what inside it+ easy to do+ work 100%
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COALESCE by Abhinav Bothra (eBook + Video) (Instant Download) A SCRIPTED and TESTED 30 minute act of PREDICTION, PSEUDO-HYPNOSIS, MIND READING (both by Performer as well as the Participant)
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Pabular Vol. 1 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD The English magazine Pabular was first published in 1974 by Nick Bolton and ran for just over eight exciting volumes. It was mainly edited by the well respected Fred Robinson (later by Walt Lees and Stephen Tucker) and the art editor throughout was the talented Eric Mason. The contributors include:
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One Eye Of God by Fraser Parker - Trick One Eye Of God is a peek envelope like no other. It is an entirely self-contained, normal, and attractive gift card-style envelope. It can be shown completely opaque on both sides, yet you are able to always see clearly through it whenever you wish. In this manner, the envelope is able to reveal the
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PSYCHIC ENVELOPE DIVINATION by Devin Knight - ebook DOWNLOAD Here is an act that I sincerely concede as being the best all-around modus operandi ever offered to the profession. The strong point is that this effect is done in real time! The original effect was sold in the Sphinx for $50.00 back in the '40s. By today's standards, it would cost almost $800.00.
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