This trick fools magicians badly.

Ninja+ Fusion (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett & Brian Caswell - Trick Show a silver ball and a solid metal ring. Slowly and visually, you fuse them together! Looks incredible! The audience may then examine this strange object. Professionally presented in a round box, Ninja+ Fusion comes in a shiny silver finish. You are provided with all of the props needed, includin
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Never Wrong by David Luu (Instant Download) TOTALLY examinable. People could examine 2 decks for HOURS without finding out the secret. It's THAT good.
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SYMBOLIZED by Nicholas Lawrence (Instant Download) Hyper-Visual Magic inches from your spectators!!
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Close Up Linking Rings CHROME BLACK (With Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett - Trick These rings are of the highest quality. The amazing chrome black finish is a color between traditional silver and dark matte black. This chrome black finish is shiny and is our favorite finish. The plating is smooth and of the highest quality. It does not chip and is very hard wearing. These rings m
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Tag-O-Magic by Cameron Francis (DVD + Gimmick) Three miracles with something you ALREADY CARRY AROUND. Fully examinable and INSTANTLY resets. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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The Weekly: Episode 23 starring Kyle Marlett (Instant Download) A simple and direct visual bill change that can be done with any size bill, plastic or paper, paper to money, etc. It can even have a hole in it! After the change the bill can be examined.
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FREE By Stefanus Alexander (Instant Download) IMPROMPTU Remove Card From the BOX
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RISEN by James Conti - Trick Risen, by James Conti, is a new and exciting method for Rising Card! Can be done with a borrowed deck of cards from a borrowed box. Borrow or use your own deck of cards. Ask your spectator to open the box, shuffle the deck and remove ANY card. Your spectator puts all the remaining cards back in the
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Expansion Set (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Matthew Garrett - Trick Add more mystery to your Linking Ring routine! You receive 4 rings of the highest quality - 3 joined rings and 1 single solid ring. Presented in a velvet bag, with online video instructions by none other than Matthew Garrett. If you perform the close-up rings, then this set is for you. These rings a
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The Hole by Peter Eggink (DVD + Gimmick) Visually ANIMATE and MOVE a hole across a SIGNED card. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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3Sixty by Wayne Dobson - Trick 3Sixty by Wayne Dobson is a revolutionary card to box effect. A perfect ending to your ambitious card routine. A small clear Perspex box with a folded card inside has been on display either on the table or in the spectators hand throughout your favourite card routine. A freely chosen signed card has
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Wave Thru Cool by Dynamite - video DOWNLOAD An incredible solid-through-solid effect! A corner of a playing card is torn off. Magically, it visually melts through the side of a Tic Tac box! The rest of the playing card is held up to the ripped corner that's now inside of the box... it is a perfect match! Examinable Easy to do Simple construct
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Gravity by Pablo Frey (Instant Download) balance a object on top of any playing card
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R2 by Chris Randall - DVD "The Best Routine in Magic" - RoccoThe classic Linking Rings effect is a timeless piece of magic that can provoke unbelievable reactions... when performed correctly. Chris Randall has been perfecting this effect since he was 11 years old, and now he's finally ready to reveal the secrets behind his a
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