The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

Mint-O (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Liam Jumpertz - Trick A COMPLETE sellout sensation at Magic Live and Blackpool! Imagine the scene: when traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. And amidst the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen, and the crowd went crazy - a range of emotions, from screaming to covering the
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Roaming Floating Phone by Sean Scott Ultimate Floating Phone
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UNPLUGGED (2H) by Danny Weiser and Taiwan Ben - Trick Headphones have become a common accessory for almost everyone. Imagine having a headphone wire gradually change into the shape of a selected card! This precision gimmick does just that and can be carried with you at all times. Allowing you to perform organic miracles at a moment's notice. Comes with
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iHole by Raphael Macho (Instant Download) Ring and headphones penetration
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Rhythm by Agustin (Instant Download) BORROWED earphone thru BORROWED cellphone. It will be your impromptu weapon.
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CORD by Zack Pitt (Instant Download) Impromptu & Organic Earphones through hand!
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iLoopy Pull By Beau Cremer (Instant Download) Learn how to pull a pair of headphones through a solid phone for FREE
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iFlight (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bill Perkins - Trick A borrowed ring appears LINKED ONTO YOUR HEADPHONES that are wrapped around your phone... in your back pocket! Sleek, modern, powerful, and memorable.iFlight is an update for the classic "Ring Flight" effect, in which you cause a borrowed ring to reappear somewhere unexpected. Rather than use a leat
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Break Music - Alvaro Rubio (Instant Download) Borrow the spectator headphones broke it and then restore it ! People will get crazy!
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The Weekly: Episode 11 starring Kyle Marlett (Instant Download) Kyle and friend Bizzaro teach a simple effect using normal everyday items
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iLINK by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick) An impossible linking effect with a BORROWED finger ring and a BORROWED set of earbuds! NOW SHIPPING. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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HULSE by Olivier Pont video DOWNLOAD HULSE! When your device turns into a heart monitor. Imagine finding the spectator's card using their heartbeat! With HULSE, you will be able to reveal several different shapes, using your own phone. Have your spectator select a card, or think about an ESP symbol, an animal, etc. Plug a headset into
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Freedom by Elexa Curtis, Esya G and Arief Nugroho video DOWNLOAD Your headphones melt through your hand! An amazing, easy-to-do penetration effect with your normal headphones! Wrap them around the hand, pull, and magically, a beautiful solid-thru-solid demonstration! Works with your spectator's hand as well! Easy to do. Extremely visual. Download it today!
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