They touch ANY card, and your prediction is 100% correct. No secret writing, no sleight-of-hand.

Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink (Download+Gimmick) CUT and RESTORE your skin using ANY sharp object. No trick knives. Just pure shock, then immediate AWE. LIMITED SUPPLY. PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN.
In stock. $59.95
bizarre geek halloween knife
The Magic of Ascanio Book Vol. 4 Knives and Color Blindness by Arturo Ascanio - Book Arturo de Ascanio y Navaz (1926-1997), is regarded as the father of Spanish card magic. A lawyer by trade and an amateur magician, he devoted a good part of his life to magic and was one of the founders of the prestigious Escuela Mgica de Madrid. The Structural Conception of Magic, which is the firs
In stock. $33.75
book color-change knife
Magnum Color Changing Knife Set by Rodger Lovins - Trick These pearl white and brown jigged bone magicians' knives are possibly the finest set of color changing knives ever produced. They were custom designed for magicians and the quality is built to last. Two years of working on this new design and with the help and expertise of The Boker Knife Company,
In stock. $125.00
color-change knife
Mogars Fantasy knife (5 knife) set The package consists of a Black/Black, White/White, White/Black, a white/Red/ VC knife and a Red/Black.Also included is a Pocket Holder, a Vinyl carrying case, Written and illustrated Routine instructions.Your audience will really enjoy this one. You can also get a Standard 3 knife set consisting of
Out of stock. $93.75
color-change knife
Poor Boy Billet Knife - Trick The Poor Boy Billet Knife isn't a fancy magic prop. It's a simple utility device invented by a magician, used by same, and placed on the market for a reasonable price. Like most magic gimmicks, it's just "one of those" with "that one thing" attached to it. However, this knife is also very effective!
In stock. $11.25
bill-to knife lemon mentalism
CARD AND KNIFE By Darko Pilon (Instant Download) Ask the spectator to choose any card and make them pick the card. The card will be shuffled back into the deck.Insert the knife into the middle of the deck and Voila!The top card (above the knife) is the Spectators card !No skill or practice required !No forced card picked, this is truly up to the a
In stock. $1.95
card download knife stab
Knife Thru Coat by Tony Clark (Instant Download) Impromptu Knife Thru Coat
In stock. $9.95
knife penetration
Mogars Miracle +PLUS+ Knife Routine Includes set of four 3 inch colored knives, illustrated instructions and carrying case. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.
In stock. $75.00
color-change knife
Mogar's Stag Surprise (4 Knives) - Trick EffectA black knife vanishes then appears in a pocket, changes to white, then black. A white knife is removed from the pocket and the knives change places twice. Additional black and white knives put in play, the black and whites jump around and change places. One set is the placed aside. Finally a
Out of stock. $90.00
color-change knife
Color Changing Knives (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium w
In stock. $14.96
close-up color-change dvd knife worlds-greatest
Color Changing Knives (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD Learn to perform one of close-up magic's most enduring classics!The invention of the Color-Changing Knives is usually credited to illusion designer Walter Jeans and as the effect began to enter the literature of magic in the 1930's, close-up magicians were immediately taken by the visual nature of t
In stock. $14.95
color-change download knife
Color Changing Knives by Ronjo - Trick A knife changes color from red to white and back again! The knife may then be examined. A fun pocket trick with knives. Other routines are easy, once you know the secret. Includes 1 red knife, 1 white knife, 1 red & white knife, detailed instructions which includes two knockout routines.These
In stock. $15.00
close-up color-change knife street
Johnny Thompson Commercial Set (Vol 1 thru 4) video DOWNLOAD Johnny Thompson is one of the last of the living legends in his era. There is only on Vernon, Miller, Elmsley, Jennings, Marlo, and only one Thompson. Fortunately, ten years ago Johnny documented FOUR VOLUMES and nearly his entire close-up repertoire. This is a collection of private magic lessons fr
In stock. $99.95
card cigarette close-up coin color-change cups download knife mentalism penetration production restoration stage street transposition vanish
Knife through Arm by Premium Magic - Trick Effect: The magician shows a large dangerous-looking dagger. He holds it in his right hand and strikes against his left hand. He moves it against his left arm as if cutting a vegetable. Then suddenly the blade penetrates the hand and blood comes out of the arm. This is a very disturbing illusion and
In stock. $29.96
bizzare halloween haunted illusion knife parlor stage
Color Changing Knives by Twin Cities Magic - Trick A small pocket knife suddenly changes colors from Green to Silver (colors may vary) and back again at your command. It can even change to Green on one side and Silver on the other.These knives are pocket friendly and easy-to-handle.Instructions IncludedColor combinations may vary.
In stock. $25.00
color-change knife street walk-around
Ladybug by Paul Harris The Creation of Life on the Tip of Your Finger!
In stock. $99.00
bizarre close-up dvd knife street
Knife Swallowing - Impromptu effect By Tony Clark (Instant Download) Swallow a real knife and blow people away!
In stock. $7.95
download geek knife
Mogars Magical 3 Knife Routine (3 knife) set Set includes three 3 inch colored knives, vinyl carrying case, and illustrated instructions. NOTE: Actual knife colors may vary from those pictured.
Out of stock. $56.25
color-change knife
Mogar's Jumbo Knife set Set includes three jumbo 6 inch colored knives and illustrated instructions..These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.
Out of stock. $67.50
change color-change color-changing-knife knife
Mogars Miracle Four Knife Routine - Trick Mogars Miracle Four Knife Routine set includes four 3 inch knives, vinyl carrying case, carying bag, and illustrated instructions.These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.
In stock. $75.00
color-change knife
Chameleon Knives by Joe Mogar - DVD This long-awaited 95-minute DVD finally reveals Joe Mogar's lifetime of knowledge on the development and performance of the Color Changing Knives! A near-encyclopedic work, it contains 37 moves and 12 routines, including Mogar's Stag Sensation, Miracle Plus Routine, Basic 3 Knives, Hot Rod Knife, Mu
Out of stock. $26.21
color-change knife
Mogar Mini Knives Smash Climax (6 Colors) - Trick These 1-inch real knvies are a perfect match for all of Mogars Knives. They can be used as a fantastic climax to any knife routine where a single knife changes to 6 mini knives. A sensational finish to any routine! Also comes with a beautiful carrying case.NOTE: This set does not include white
Out of stock. $52.50
color-change knife
Billet Knife by Pete Biro and Joe Porper - Trick Joe has brought back to market the perfect tool for the mentalist, a billet knife that instantly loads a sealed envelope with a prediction. Made famous by Al Koran's Million Dollar Mystery, this knife is made in the form of an innocent, quality letter opener.
Out of stock. $199.95
bill-to impossible-location knife lemon
Ascanio's World Of Knives by Ascanio and Jose de la Torre - Book The Color-Changing Knives is a magic classic. Generally credited to Walter Jeans it became a popular pocket trick in the 1930s. In 1958 Arturo de Ascanio, who went under the stage name Marcus, wrote the definitive book on the subject in Spanish. In 1975 Jose de la Torre released Ascanio's World Of K
In stock. $19.95
book close-up color-change knife knives street
Color Changing Knife Routine by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD A very easy, commercial and entertaining color changing knife routine in several phases. With ideas by Ken Brooke, Ascanio and Juan Tamariz. For close-up and walk around. A white knife (or any color) changes to black. You simply say that you are using TWO knives so you produce a white one. The two k
In stock. $10.00
close-up color-change dvd knife street walk-around
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