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Czech Poker by Jason Ladanye (Instant Download) This is good. REALLY good. And so easy, that if you can hold a deck of cards, you can fool anybody with this trick. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Tarbell 103: Making Magic Pay (Instant Download) Learn how to make a living from magic, increase your earnings and expand your business.
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Polish Poker (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michal Kociolek - Trick Our big hit at our recent conventions is finally available! Deal the hand the spectator names... before he names it! This could be a packet trick; but it is so much more. Not just a poker demonstration, but a real magical experience for the spectator. The spectator only THINKS of a hand he wants and
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Capping The Spread By Brent Braun (Instant Download) For years, Brent has been cutting to the 4 aces from a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards and convincing magicians that he has a skill that has taken years to acquire. The truth is, he has been using a simple technique to sneak the aces into the shuffled deck right under their noses. Today Brent tips
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Performing the Q&A by Gerry McCambridge (Hardcover) A lifetime of experience distilled into one definitive volume. You could easily build a career with the contents of this one book. IN STOCK. LIMITED SUPPLY.
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Tarbell 82: Stage Productions (Instant Download) Learn to personalize these stage productions to add to your show!
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Guaranteed Win (DVD and Gimmick) by Andy Smith and Alakazam Magic - DVD Guaranteed Win is a visual packet effect with a really cool gambling theme. IMPACT MOMENT ONE! Four Jokers (The Wild Cards) transform to match a selected card! IMPACT MOMENT TWO! The duplicate cards visually change in to a Royal Flush in SPADES! Andy has created the perfect multi-phase transformatio
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The Vault - A Poker Trick by The Other Brothers video DOWNLOAD Are you allowed to play cards at the casino? A question many of us have been asked multiple times. With A Poker Trick, you can now show your spectators exactly how skilled you are and why casinos have you banned for life! One spectator chooses to become the cheater. The cards are then cut and shuffl
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At The Table Live Ben Train - DVD As an award-winning, world-renowned magician and mentalist, Ben Train uses his humor, psychology, and mind-blowing sleight of hand to AMAZE us! He will have you laughing out loud and wondering in awe throughout this At The Table lecture! When Ben isn't on stage, he is busy producing live shows for T
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