A deeply mysterious trick, and different from anything you're doing. https://t.co/nGBru..

Cigarettes by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD Anyone can do this trick, including those of you who are not smokers, because it's just for fun! You show the audience a card from inside your pocket, then after a snap, the card turns into a pack of cigarettes! You display the pack and remove cigarettes from the box. After that, you place the cigar
In stock. $9.55
box cigarette download lighter
Trace (Props and DVD) by Will Tsai and SansMinds - DVD Trace is a powerful tool that creates up to two different card impressions on ANYTHING. A modern and eerie revelation that guarantees to great reactions. A must have utility tool straight from Will Tsai's everyday repertoire. Trace ...1. will fit in your wallet2. will create up to two different impr
In stock. $35.00
fire lighter revelation
Phantom Burn by Alan Rorrison - DVD Fire has been used in rituals and performances for centuries. It is associated with having mystical properties, and with this new trick in your arsenal, you will be able to harness these magical properties to reveal secret messages! Imagine a spectator selecting a card, losing it in the deck, and th
In stock. $34.95
dvd fire lighter receipt reveal
Bic Lighter To Card Fan by Fantasio - Trick Bic Lighter To Card Fanby Fantasio
Out of stock. $15.00
card close-up lighter street transposition
Warning (RED CASE)-DVD and 50 Gimmicks) by Kostya Kimlat - Trick !WARNING is the coolest bar trick ever! Pick up a lighter, peel off the label, light it, and in a flash of fire, the label instantly re-appears back on the lighter, which can be handed out and used regularly. !Warning is the perfect ice breaker for any magician. What is !Warning ?!WARNING is an incr
Out of stock. $25.00
bar-magic fire hazmat lighter walkaround
Arson (DVD + Gimmicks) by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown - Trick A card is selected and the deck is held by the spectator. The magician ignites the flame on a lighter, then causes the lighter to completely vanish! When the deck is spread, one card is found in the deck with a severe burn mark on its back. It is the selected card! Next, the lighter is popped out of
In stock. $24.95
card close-up dvd fire lighter street walk-around
Collision V1 by Ravi Mayar and MagicTao - Trick Magician, Pickpocket and Hypnotist Ravi Mayar has released his first DVD; Collision Volume 1. Ravi has a real knack for making use of normal, everyday objects as part of his repetoire. His tricks are highly visual, easy to do and they get great reactions in the real world. It won't take you an age t
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card close-up dvd lighter mint money-trick restoration street
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