A coin rises under your complete control with no possible explanation. https://t.co/mIuvL..

Ulti Sharpie by Zamm Wong & Magic Action - Trick The ability to bend solid objects has to be the most shocking effect to put into magician's arsenal. This has been accomplished with silverware. Now, add a Sharpie to your bending effects! Besides, who carries utensils in their suits!? Introducing Ulti Sharpie, the Sharpie you will carry with you ev
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MOVINK by Steve Marchello video DOWNLOAD Imagine... you draw something on the card case and the ink moves to a new location! HIGHLY VISUAL! It can even jump to your finger or to the spectator's signed card. One drawing can also move to join another! Best of all, the spectator can examine the card case. The gimmick can be reset in just 15 s
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Rizer by Eric Ross and B. Smith (DVD + Gimmick) Prove that magic courses through your veins and lives in your SKIN. Yes, your SKIN. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. NOW SHIPPING.
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Ink by Mickael Chatelain (DVD + Gimmick) Drawings on your card box VISUALLY morph. Shocking and surreal. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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INKRage by Arnel Renegado and Mystique Factory - Trick Imagine being able to move a permanent ink with your finger tips.A freely selected card is signed and the performer draw a dot on the card with a permanent marker.The card can be signed both size! The performer take the dot and start to move it across the spectator's signature. The spectator clearly
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