A stealth metal bending tool, with more features than a Swiss-army knife. https://t.co/wpgBu..

Laptop Lecture by Rick Lax (Instant Download) 20 mind-expanding tricks from one of magic's most creative inventors! SPECIAL INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Foundation by Rizki Nanda & RN Magic Presents (Instant Download) Break the Law of Gravitation anywhere and anytime, use ANY Matchbox and your single fingertips
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Match Box Pro by Brian Kennedy and Carl Campbell - Video DOWNLOAD A matchbox sealed with rubber bands is brought out and put onto the table. A card is selected, signed and lost back into the deck. With a snap of the magicians fingers that card jumps to the top of the deck, again the magician loses the card into the deck, but yet the signed card jumps back to the
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The Matchbox - Cigarette & Coins Routine by Jonathan Royle eBook DOWNLOAD First, a borrowed cigarette magically penetrates a matchbox in the same visual manner as the Cigarette Through Coin trick. Afterwards, the matchbox and cigarette can both (if desired) be examined and be seen as completely normal. A small purse frame is then removed from the pocket, and four coins ar
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Off Side by Rizki Nanda & RN Magic Present (Instant Download) Cause a solid Matchstick through a solid Matchbox Anywhere and Anytime!!
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Matches Impossible By Tony Clark (Instant Download) Magic with Matches, Tony Clark
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Tarbell 74: Novelty Magic Part 1 (Instant Download) Commercial Magic Routines That Play Strong!
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Matchbox Triple Sets Just one piece from the Matchbox Puzzle range. Every puzzle has been carefully selected and designed to ensure that these are not your average mini brainteasers. Each box has a further nine matchbox challenges written onto the sides of the matchbox, providing hours of extra fun. These puzzles may be
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Off Side by Rizki Nanda - Video DOWNLOAD This is what has been said about Off Side: "Rizki's Matchbox effects will 'light up' your performance, truly 'striking' magic!" - Dave Forrest (Professional magician & Creator of new best seller effect called "LOXELY") "So visual, well done!!" - Finix Chan (Creator of best seller effect called "
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MATCH3S by Arie Bhojez (Instant Download) This is a trick that is used matches.
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Mad Matches by Dynamite - video DOWNLOAD An organic Signed Card to Box effect that you will actually use! You show the box completely empty in the beginning and then give it to the spectator to hold. You never touch the box again. Have them sign a playing card and lose it in the deck. The card vanishes. They push the box open themselves an
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Matt's Matchbox Mystery - By Matt Pilcher (Instant Download) The Evolution Of Matchbox Monte!
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Blast Off by G Sparks "Blast Off adds a magic bang & flash to any close-up wonder."THIS REALLY DOES PACK SMALL AND PLAY BIGEnjoy the magic by G SparksA 1980 vintage, spark the magician, matchbox that has a stamped foil top, the box is, 1 3/4 x 1 x 1/4 inch, varies in red and blue foil, a velour bag to carry the match
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