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Magic Milk by Big Guy's Magic Magic Milk is the perfect milk substitute for use in all of your milk effects. It mixes easily on location, requires no refrigeration and is prop-friendly. Cleans up with water and will not go bad when stored for long periods. Use Magic Milk for all of your milk magic. You'll notice the huge improve
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Tarbell 94: Further Unique Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download) A mixture of unique mysteries for the stage, close-up, and even the bar!
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Milk Pitcher Jumbo (Deluxe) by Amazo Magic - Trick Here we present a large pitcher for the classic milk effect. Pour milk into a borrowed newspaper or a folded paper cone, and the milk vanishes! It is a large-sized pitcher, with sections completely removable for perfect washing. There is no glue or sucking device inside it. A silver band on the top
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Milk Jug by Uday The Milk Jug is a classic magic prop that can be used to visibly pour out a liquid and vanish it. With this Milk Jug you show the Jug to be full of milk. Visibly pour the milk in a paper cone and then vanish the milk from the paper cone.
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Chocolate Break by Tenyo Magic - Trick Magic with chocolate!? Yes, please! Your eyes will pop when you first hold the enclosed props in your hand. The precision gimmicks and unique principle is stunning, even to seasoned magicians. You will be able to visually make the corner of a chocolate bar disappear and reappear on a different color
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Milk Fake (with Magazine) by Uday - Trick Effect: The performer pours liquid into a magazine. The performer turns the magazine completely over, then he flips through the pages of the magazine, and the liquid is found to have vanished.
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Miracle Lamp (Milk in Lightbulb) by Amazo Magic - Trick The magician displays some milk and subsequently vanishes it. After the milk disappears, the magician removes the lampshade from a nearby lamp and unplugs the bulb from the holder. He then removes the cap and pours milk from the bulb into a glass! This lamp has a remote-control system and a standard
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Anytime Anywhere Milk by G Sparks - Trick "A complete three trick routine." MILK APPEARS, FLOATS AND DIMINISHES VISUAL COMEDY MAGIC AT ITS BEST Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks The Magic Milk Glass, the gimmicks to fill and float the glass with and the 1oz shot glass to diminish the milk into. Just add milk. Made in USA
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Miracle Lamp Milk in Light Bulb with Remote STAGE by Sorcier Magic - Trick Funny and amazing! A lamp is lit on stage. You, the magician, then make milk disappear. Suddenly (at your control), the lamp turns off. Unscrew the bulb, and pour some milk right from the bulb! Lightweight, completely removable for convenient transport. It works with an electrical outlet and support
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