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pal Sankey 99 video Sankey 99 video
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Unholy by Jay Sankey - Trick UNHOLY' requires only basic sleight-of-hand! Comes complete with printed instructions and 3 specially machined washers! Looks exactly like an ORDINARY 'hardware store washer!' VISUAL close-up magic at its best! Great on its own or performed with HOLY MOLY and HOLY STRETCH! Perform countless effects
Out of stock. $20.00 $16.00
Sankey Skutt Sessions by Jay Sankey - DVD Spend some time with two of magic's most seriously twisted minds and learn the secrets behind a jet-fuelled collection of brand new, highly original magic! Featuring 15 wonderfully fresh and extremely powerful effects with coins, playing cards, tea bags, paper napkins, sponge balls, twist ties, jing
Out of stock. $30.00 $23.10
Descendent by Jay Sankey - Trick This effect has A LOT going for it. It's simple, direct, very easy to perform, visually POWERFUL, and you end clean! It also doesn't require a whole lot of scripting. As with some of my favorite effects, I've even performed it in total silence (at a gig where the band or ambient sound was just too l
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Brainwash by Sankey Magic - Trick 'BRAINWASH' is a reputation-making combination of magic and mentalism! The spectator cuts the pack ANYWHERE they want! TOTALLY FREE CHOICE! EASY to perform! Requires only the most BASIC sleight-of-hand! You will be amazing people with 'BRAINWASH' 5 minutes after opening the package! The magic happen
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.00
Slyder by Sankey Magic - Trick NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND REQUIRED! 'SLYDER' is the perfect 'psychic device' for TOTAL BEGINNERS and even seasoned professionals. The ingenious, easy-to-use 'SLYDER' gimmick does all the 'secret work' for you! INSANE MIND-READING DEMONSTRATIONSFlip through the pages of a totally unprepared magazine. Have s
Out of stock. $30.00 $22.50
The School of Cool by Greg Wilson and Big Blind Media - DVD 24 Mad Skills and Stunts to Make You Stand Out in the Crowd World renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster and all-round scamp Gregory Wilson invites you to attend THE SCHOOL OF COOL! A DVD jam packed with teachings on all those crazy skills you always wanted to learn but didn't know how. Walk a coi
In stock. $25.00 $25.00
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Misdirection Book One of The Savant Trilogy by Ning Cai - Book Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016 Longlist Synopsis The first book in an exciting new YA mystery trilogy about a teenage savant on the trail of her family's killer, from the multi-talented Ning Cai, international magic celebrity and author. When parkour champion Maxine Schooling wakes from a three-ye
In stock. $16.95 $16.95
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In Action Set (Vol 1 thru 3) by Gregory Wilson video DOWNLOAD With snow-capped mountains and plush pine trees as the new L&L backdrop, you'll see people laughing, screaming, losing their breath and simply staring into space from pure astonishment-and that's just from the striking lake view. Greg's magic isn't so bad either. Some of the bonus footage was sh
In stock. $99.95 $99.95
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Magicienne: A Novel by Ning Cai and Don Bosco - BOOK Here's a wonderful book having a magical theme and more! Fifteen-year-old Angel Morning Lee grew up in a children's home, never knowing her parents. Her only escape is performing tricks with an old magic set. One day she is given a scholarship to Modern College, an elite school for girls. There, she
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