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Card College by Robert Giobbi (VOLUME 3) The DEFINITIVE course for serious card magicians. Highly recommended by card professionals. 137 IN STOCK.
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Eisenhower Palming Coin (Dollar Sized)by You Want it We Got it - Trick This palming coin is thinner and lighter than a real Dollar coin so it is perfect to practice and develop your Classic Palm. And once you master the Classic Palm, you can then palm multiples of this coin to produce even more coins during your routine!Dollar size coin only, no instructions included.
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The Magic of Rocco Coin Manipulation by Rocco video DOWNLOAD This video is PACKED with over twenty years of material picked up by Rocco including gems from Slydini, Bobo, and of course original creations from the two time FISM winner himself. The best part about this video is that Rocco not only teaches you techniques, but also subtleties that enhance classic
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Practical Card Palming Bob White, DVD "In my experience, I have found most magicians feel terribly self0concious palming cards when performing before an audience. This is perfectly normal, and we have all experienced it at one time or another. For the largest part, this fear can be overcome if a performer has confidence in his methods.
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Palming Morgan Dollar Replica (10 Coins) by Shawn Magic If you perform coin magic, you will be thrilled with these Palming Morgan Dollar coins. Compared to a real Dollar coin, the Palming Morgan Dollar coin is much thinner and lighter. It enables you to easily palm several coins at once, and produce multiple coins during your performance. 10 Dollar-size
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Magic Wishing Coin by Alan Wong - Trick Magic Wishing Coins by Alan Wong are thin palming coins for manipulation, perfect for miser's dream and pulling a coin out of someone's ear.The value of this coin is ONE MAGIC WISH. A Magic Coin when you magically produce it from thin air should have the power to give someone a wish. On the other si
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