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MANOEDA- A Mental Which Hand by E.E. (Instant Download) Impromptu, Prop-less and Sure-fire. Need anything else?
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download field-tested mentalism pdf which-hand
100 Magician One-Liner Jokes by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD What do you say while performing a magic trick? Here are 100 short one-liner jokes and comments. These cover a variety of topics and tricks that will add plenty of humor to your act. If you have a talking act, then you need these 100 one-liner jokes for magicians! Get 100 MAGICIAN ONE-LINER JOKES an
In stock. $2.99
joke one-liner pdf
Separation Anxiety by Watkins (Instant Download) Steal your participant's PIN from their mind...and prove it
In stock. $15.00
download mentalism pdf pin
100 Heckler Stoppers by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD Are you a speaker, entertainer, comedian, magician, or singer? At some point in your career, someone may shout out a comment or make an inappropriate remark during your performance. How will you handle this and what will you say? Here is a collection of 100 'comeback' comments, should you ever be he
In stock. $2.99
download joke one-liner pdf
100 Assistant One-Liners by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD Are you a speaker or entertainer who interacts with your audience? If an audience member or volunteer makes a witty comment - how do you respond? Here are 100 one-liner jokes to have fun with any audience member on stage. What do you say during that quiet period as the spectator is walking from the
In stock. $2.99
download joke one-liner pdf
Semi-Automatic Card Magic by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) 9 Semi-Automatic Tricks by Dani DaOrtiz
In stock. $15.00
card download pdf
Semi-Automatic Card Magic Vol. 2 by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) 11 New Semiautomatic tricks by Dani DaOrtiz
In stock. $15.00
card download pdf self-working
Vol 11 Hypno Effects by Peter Turner (Instant Download) peter turner, hypno effects, mentalism, mentalism masterclass, mind reading, drawing duplication, billet reading, psychological forces
In stock. $29.95
download hypnosis mentalism pdf
Cemetery of Cards by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) 11 Incredible Torn and restored Routines
In stock. $15.00
card download pdf tnr torn-and-restored
Compelling Mental Magic by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD PRACTICAL, TRIED & TESTED, COMPELLING MENTALISM 20-plus perplexing effects for the serious mentalist. From stage to close-up, this eBook contains numerous original deceptions, as well as complete routines that focus on entertainment. These are coupled with mystifying magic appeal, while still ma
In stock. $9.99
download ebook mentalism pdf
Internet Marketing for Magicians, Mentalists & Entertainers eBook DOWNLOAD Magician, mentalist, and successful internet marketing guru, Jonathan Royle, reveals to you a simple step-by-step plan to make big profits marketing your products, services, acts and talents on the world wide web. All of this within 22 large-format (A4), photo-illustrated pages of this truly eye-ope
In stock. $10.00
download pdf
Secrets Of Mindfulness For Magicians (Ebook + Audiobook) By Jason Messina (Instant Download) Learn How To Control Your Mind For Laser-Focused Practice & Performance
In stock. $25.00
download ebook pdf theory
The Matchbox - Cigarette & Coins Routine by Jonathan Royle eBook DOWNLOAD First, a borrowed cigarette magically penetrates a matchbox in the same visual manner as the Cigarette Through Coin trick. Afterwards, the matchbox and cigarette can both (if desired) be examined and be seen as completely normal. A small purse frame is then removed from the pocket, and four coins ar
In stock. $7.00
coin download ebook matchbox pdf
Royle Reveal's Six Gems From His European Television Series "Life in the Bus Lane" by Jonathan Royle - Mixed Media DOWNLOAD This is a 14 page, PDF eBook with access to several videos (combined duration of almost three and a half hours). You will learn six of Royle's favorite magic and mind-reading miracle effects from his six-part 2001 European television series, "Life in the Bus Lane."You will also, of course, get to wa
In stock. $10.00
download ebook mentalism pdf video
My Q & A by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD A full 30 minute act that you can carry in your pocket and perform in almost any stand-up situation, My Q & A the ultimate mentalism routine. "It doesn't matter how you obtain the information, it is how you answer the questions that is important."The statement above is one I have read again and
In stock. $38.00
download mentalism pdf question-and-answer
PLAYER by Jose Prager (Instant Download) A mind reader’s guide to win or predict any which hand game with absolutely no gimmicks, logic puzzles or risk of failling.
In stock. $10.00
download field-tested mentalism pdf which-hand
HandWhich by Dustin Dean (Instant Download) A 3 phase "which hand" routine that ends with a powerful kicker!
In stock. $14.95
download field-tested mentalism pdf which-hand
PSI-Lotto by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD This routine is a real time Lottery Prediction effect. It is something Scott has been using for years.The props are simple to make and easy to use. The prediction can be made real time on stage, close up or can be sent to somebody in advance. But it is more than that, because this is not just one ef
In stock. $15.00
download lotto mentalism pdf
i by Chris Ramsay ebook DOWNLOAD "The most devious thing I've seen with a borrowed iphone."- Daniel Madison "This takes remote viewing to the next level!"- Peter Turner "An effect that is as frightening as the method... I may never sleep again!"- Spidey "I know how powerful a revelation like this is and I've never seen a technique
In stock. $20.00
download iphone pdf phone
Genii Magazine: September 2013 ISSUE (Instant Download) The oldest and most respected magic magazine on the planet. This month features Mike Caveney Wonders!. READ INSTANTLY.
In stock. $6.00
genii magazine pdf
Gnostic by Cedric Taylor - eBook DOWNLOAD Gnostic is a system that allows any mentalists or mystery performer to be his/her own consultant. This is being dubbed as "arguably the most dangerous manuscript ever written". Gnostic is structured so well for the stage performer, if placed in the wrong hands, it could legitimately start a cult. Gn
In stock. $15.00
download ebook pdf
Numbers (Vol 6) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is the 6th volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass. This volume is about numbers.This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a chance to step into some moments of Peter's everyday life.As always Peter's teachings&nbs
In stock. $29.95
mentalism pdf pin-code reveal
Propless Mentalism (Vol 12) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is the 12th Volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass. The master of Propless Mentalism, Peter Turner now offers a full series in this topic. The definition of Propless Mentalism is, at best, arguable (this is discussed in length inside this volume). The definition that Peter has stuck clo
In stock. $29.95
download mentalism pdf prop-free
Pure Q & A (Instant Download) This is Pure Q&A. Questions are answered, futures divined, and the audience enthralled!
In stock. $22.00
download mentalism pdf question-and-answer
Moment's Notice 7 (Instant Download) Seven impromptu card effects
In stock. $12.00
download ebook impromptu pdf
Crystal Reading System for Psychic Fair Workers by Bill Montana - eBook DOWNLOAD This is a comprehensive work on how to make serious money doing crystal readings at psychic fairs. Bill has done these for many years, and his knowledge and expertise shine through in every page. His sample readings for the various shapes of crystal are excellent, and he also includes a good listing
In stock. $50.00
download ebook mentalism pdf psychic reading
Light and Easy by Nefesch eBook DOWNLOAD In This Manuscript You will learn two effects, one of them is my CAN effect in which I make a volunteer looses its weight, they can feel it, they can feel themselves becoming lighter and lighter till they weight less than a feather, you can prove to the audience that your spectator has indeed looses
In stock. $9.95
download ebook mentalism newspaper pdf pseudo-hypnosis
Numbers, Cards... and Time! by Carlos Vinuesa - eBook DOWNLOAD This book gathers together a part of my history with magic, in particular with card magic. Inside you will find a selection of what I consider to be some of the best and most personal material I have developed; in particular, you will discover practical and elegant approaches to the Card and Number
In stock. $24.99
card download ebook pdf
Utsukushii by Fraser Parker eBook DOWNLOAD Utsukushii, the billet-less pin reveal, is a sure fire way to guess a single digit number someone is only thinking of, without anything having to be written down or props of any kind. It can then be used to work out other numbers such as pin codes, phone locks and entire phone numbers. If you would
In stock. $40.50
mentalism pdf pin-code reveal
I know what you have got by Dan Alex - Ebook The mentalist takes out from his pocket a bag and says that inside there are three crystals. He explains to the spectator that he can mix them and pick one at random without looking, and put the remaining two in the bag, or choose of his own volition and then put the remaining two in the bag. This i
In stock. $4.95
ebook mentalism pdf
Tequila Hustler by Mark Elsdon, Peter Turner, Colin McLeod and Michael Murray ebook DOWNLOAD Still using electronics for coin in hand? Think again!Mark Elsdon's Tequila Hustler is THE game changer. No electronics, no gimmicks, no prep. Any currency, any language, anywhere, any time. Perform in person, over the phone or even Skype. 100% accuracy guaranteed!Mark initially shared this with onl
In stock. $23.00
download ebook pdf which-hand
Every Trick in the Book (Over 25 Years of Magical & Mentalism Knowledge) by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD Every Trick in the Book is an encyclopedic, large-format (A4), photo-illustrated publication with 600 pages of magic tricks, mentalism and mind reading routines. It even contains cold-reading and pseudo hypnosis secrets -- all written, devised, and compiled by Jonathan Royle. This book is made up of
In stock. $197.00
comedy download ebook kids-show mentalism pdf
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