The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

The Vault - The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly video DOWNLOAD As seen on Season 5 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, The Sticky-Note Slide by Tyler Twombly is an extensive hour-long tutorial on the most visual, yet practical, methods for performing moving ink effects close-up. "We love the act!" - Penn Jillette "This is a deeply personalized, organic and extraordi
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Tarbell 62: Modern Mental Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download) Sure-fire mental MIRACLES concealed by brilliant presentations. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE BEST DEAL.
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Instant Knockout by Shaun Dunn & Matt Mello (Instant Download) A mentalist's DREAM COME TRUE. Liberate yourself from expensive devices. Obtain secret information anytime anywhere. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Tarbell 76: Mind Reading Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download) A collection of brilliant methods to obtain secret information!
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Going Postal by Rick Lax (Instant Download) The PERFECT trick to open your card set. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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The Vault - Post-In by Victor Sanz video DOWNLOAD Victor Sanz's underground sticky note routine has finally surfaced! A spectator signs their name on a regular sticky note. The note is destroyed in front of their eyes, yet reappears back in the center of the sticky note pad! The signed note then rises to the top of the pad under test conditions and
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Dream Pad by Joo Miranda Magic - Trick From the creative mind of Joo Miranda comes a new confabulation effect for close-up, never seen before. Dream Pad allows you to predict ANYTHING, from numbers, words, places, and even personal information such as a spectator ID. Here's an example of a basic routine: The magician shows a small paper
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The Matrix Pad Reloaded by Richard Griffin - Trick A small note pad is shown. Four spots are drawn in each corner of the pad with a sharpie. One by one with the rub of a finger the spots are visibly moved to end up in one corner of the pad. The top sheet with the spots on it is now peeled off and given away to examine. Easy to do, no skill required.
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Postprediction by Aleksandar Nusic (Instant Download) Spectator thinks of any playing card. The name of that card is written on a post it note. At the end spectator manages to put a note excatly on the card he is thinking of.
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Crisis by Abhinav Bothra (Instant Download) A 20-30 minutes of SEMI-SCRIPTED & FIELD TESTED set of MENTALISM with just a 3x3 inches Post-It note and a marker.
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Postradamus by Chris Congreave (Instant Download) A prediction of a freely chosen card. No secret writing, and no sleights. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
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Thinking Inside the Box by Kyle Purnell - DVD For years, man has been desperately trying to break the mold, and think outside of the proverbial box. With each attempt, man would take more and more steps away from the comfort of the box. And with each step, ideas would surely become more creative and unique, but at the cost of complexity and imp
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IMPost-ItBle by Antonio Romero - Trick IM Post-it BLE is a valuable tool for the mentalist. It allows you to access the information written on a Post-It pad in a simple and direct way.A novel and diabolical concept for obtaining the information from a different place from the one it was recorded on, eliminating any suspicion and making y
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Tact-Ful by Justin Miller - video DOWNLOAD An amazing way to show your prediction was correct!From the mind of Justin Miller and Marc Salem comes this NO force Mentalism routine using an empty Tic Tac case and a small pellet of paper.A small, balled-up piece of paper is seen isolated inside of an empty Tic Tac box. Your spectator is shown so
In stock. $12.95 $12.95
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