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AmazeCups (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Orleans - Trick Coins. Glitter. Salt. Milk. Juice. M&M's. You can make so many things appear when you perform AmazeCups. You show three small cups, one at a time. Each is completely empty. Snap your fingers and you can pour a stream of shiny pennies, a cascade of sprinkles, or a cupful of milk. Watch the video
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CastleMaynia (With DVD) by Andrew Mayne - Trick Andrew Mayne presents a new twist on the classic card castle production: CastleMaynia! A card castle that folds down small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and instantly opens to over a foot tall! Use it to reveal a selected card Produce it at the end of a card manipulation routine Pull it fro
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Tarbell 82: Stage Productions (Instant Download) Learn to personalize these stage productions to add to your show!
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Four Card Shoot by Eric Chien video DOWNLOAD FISM winner Eric Chien teaches you his lightning-fast four-card production! Sometimes you need to show your audience that you have next level ninja skills when it comes to handling a deck of cards. Four Card Shoot will knock them out with the fastest four-card production they have ever seen. Or, you
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Fishing Time by RN Magic video DOWNLOAD Go fishing and catch your spectator's card! Let your spectator select any card and they can SIGN it. Their signed card is placed in the middle of the deck. Now you introduce your unique fishing card and try to fish for their signed card from the deck. Visually and without cover you can make their ca
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Project: Swiss Army (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Brandon David and Chris Turchi - Trick "This is thinking outside of the box, literally..." - Eric Jones "A Boy Scout is taught how to use a Swiss army knife at a very early age to be prepared at any moment. With THE SWISS DECK, you will always be ready to DESTROY your audience's mental state. I LOVE this and have since put this in my own
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Imagination Box by Olivier Pont - Trick "Probably your best creation." - Jerome Canolle What could be better than being able to make things appear and disappear at any given time? Transform an object into another, change the value of a bill, restore a torn card or picture... or even better: TURN A SIMPLE DRAWING INTO REALITY! With this gi
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Cane to Umbrella (Single) by Mr. Magic - Trick This colorful trick can also serve as a place to hold props as you perform. A black cane is standing upright on the stage. On top of the cane is a silk hanky tied to it. The performer takes the silk and instantly a colorful inverted umbrella appears. The performer can drop cards, hankies, flowers, a
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