The most innovative new rubber band magic we've seen in years!

Tarbell 98: Rope Magic (Instant Download) Good rope magic always delivers... and in this lesson, you'll learn some of the best.
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No Tear Newspaper 2 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Andy Dallas - Trick Andy Dallas has taken the classic, No Tear Torn and Restored Newspaper, to a HOLE new level. Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, all from different pockets. Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper. There's one small problem -- the new
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Decks and Deceptions by Brent Braun (DVD + Download) Brent's A material. Perfected over 10 YEARS of working in the loudest, most chaotic venues.
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Rapp by Steven Delaere (Instant Download) Restore a broken rubberband on THEIR phone! Then visually SWAP it on to your phone in a split second...! Learn it now and Rapp it out!
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The Vault - Rapp by Steven Delaere video DOWNLOAD "If you are bored doing the crazy man's handcuffs, looking for something different, this is it! Rapp brings your rubber band magic to the next level. Taking a truly broken rubber band, you visually RESTORE it on THEIR phone. After the restoration, you then SWAP the rubber band to your phone in a spl
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Tarbell 86: Rope Magic (Instant Download) Great ways to entertain with just a piece of rope or string!
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Tarbell 89: Silk Magic (Instant Download) You'll find plenty of surprises here, including the best handkerchief trick ever invented!
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Coffee House Conjuring by Gregory Wilson (Instant Download) 12 POWERFUL tricks you can do, all with stuff you'll find at the coffeeshop.
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MONEY Starring Jay Noblezada (DVD) FOUR of the STRONGEST effects in money magic. Beginner to pro in money magic in one DVD.
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Decks and Deceptions by Brent Braun (Instant Download) Brent's A material. Perfected over 10 YEARS of working in the loudest, most chaotic venues. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Tarbell 87: Novelty Magic Part 1 (Instant Download) 9 tricks for $1.67 each. An INCREDIBLE variety of powerful tricks from multiple genres, overflowing with entertaining possibilities! START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Wishbone by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert An impossible souvenir with two wood coffee stirrers. They can even be signed! Snap off two ends, put them in her hand.The two initialed pieces impossibly melt into a single seamless "wishbone"...which she can keep forever and ever. Be a Star at Starbucks...or wherever you hang out for coffee. Very
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SMACK! by Francis Menotti (DVD + Gimmick) A lightning fast, in-your-face SIGNED card restoration. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Infusion by Andrew Mayne - DVD Andrew Mayne, the creator of GHOSTBILLS and HYPERCARDS presents another incredible impromptu close-up illusion. Borrow a bill from a spectator, give it a tear, stab your finger through the center of the bill, violently rip it out and restore it right before their eyes. - Use any bill without any adv
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Illusion FX by Andrew Mayne - Book Easy to build, inexpensive illusions that pack small and play big. Appearing Motorcycles Teleporting Assistants Hovering Magicians Severed Heads Super-fast escapes and many more!
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Ripeating by Alex Latorre - Tricks Ripeating is a stunning update to the classic moving hole effect, in which a whole missing corner moves on a bill. Imagine removing, from your wallet, a bill with a missing corner. You then shake the bill, and the missing corner jumps from one side to another. Finally, cover the empty space for a se
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Decks, Lies and Videotape by Brent Braun - DVD One manOne camera52 cards9 stunning effects This video notebook takes you into the mind of one man as he films and explains 9 great effects he has created and performed over the last 6 years See...A ball go directly through glass! No handkerchiefs No plastic frames, No camera tricks. Just bam! See..
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Torn and Restored Water in the Newspaper Gimmick Two Great tricks in one. Both the Torn and Restored Newspaper and Water in Newspaper are classics of magic. With this gimmick, you can now combine these two great effects into one super-entertaining routine! Each effect, on its own, generates a wild audience reaction as they wonder how in the heck t
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