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Essentials in Magic Mental Photo - Japanese video DOWNLOAD The Essentials in Magic collection gives you the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one instruction from Daryl, the Magician's Magician. Internationally known and respected as one of the world's finest teachers of magic, Daryl personally mentors you through clear, easy-to-understand video segments and help
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Still Ringing trick Colombini Still Ringing by Aldo Colombini (STILLRING) We welcome Aldo Colombini`s follow-up to Ringing Around Too- Still Ringing."I`m very excited about this routine for a number of reasons. As you will see, each phase blends into the next smoothly with an economy of moves that should appeal to every performe
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On Foot - Sanders & Reymond The Miracle Ring on ShoelaceThe magician borrows a spectator's finger ring and places it under a handkerchief. The ring can be seen and felt by the spectator until the very last second, when the handkerchief falls open and the ring has completely vanished! Moments later, the magician points to his s
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A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now Vol.2 by Wayne Dobson and RSVP Magic - DVD Rsvpmagic are very proud to release this 3 DVD set by our long time friend Wayne Dobson. This is without doubt our largest project to date with all three DVDs running in at just under SIX HOURS in length, featuring some 17 routines that can now be performed in either stage, parlour or close-up situa
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Fireworks book Colombini This routine is almost an entire card act, which I have used for many years and I am still using it. A similar routine of mine appeared in my book "Direct Hits". That effect, called "The Seventh Floor," revealed seven selected cards with methods completely different from these, so, I think it is wor
Out of stock. $15.00 $11.25
Magical Artistry of Petrick and Mia Vol. 3 by L & L Publishing - DVD Petrick & Mia have cast their magic spell over audiences the world over-from the showrooms of Las Vegas to the most prestigious stages in Europe. Winners of many of magic's most celebrated awards, including the Dragon Award, FISM Special Award of Merit and the Academy of Magical Arts Award, Petr
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Gary Jones Live Lecture - DVD 1. Coins to Pocket - A coin repeatedly vanishes from the performer's hand and appears in many different pockets of the spectator. This is a real lesson in sleight-of-hand, audience management and misdirection. This routine will teach you how to load coins, cards or just about anything into people's
Out of stock. $30.00 $23.40
Vernon Revelations(3&4) - #2, DVD History was made September 2-6, 1982 in a filming studio in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, as the life and magic of Dai Vernon was permanently recorded for future generations. Inspired by Bill Larsen, the project was undertaken by Videonics, owned and operated by Hans Zahn. The co-hosts of the fi
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Pegasus - Trick EffectBorrow a spectator's ring and assure your volunteer that you will take attentive care of her precious jewelry. She drops her ring into a tiny black velour drawstring bag. In an instant, the bag and her ring vanish. Your hands are completely empty!You cleanly remove your stylish leather zip-aro
Out of stock. $150.00 $112.50
Greater Magic Volume 7 - Daryl - DVD "I could have done this years ago, but I'm glad I waited to work with a top-rated team in the finest production possible."- DarylEnjoy a firsthand look at dazzling magic known to impress both amateurs and professionals. These close-up miracles have been an around-the-world ticket to winning some of
In stock. $29.95 $29.95
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Vis a Vis by Jack Avis - Book With hundreds of tricks published in magazines over the past forty years, Jack Avis is one of the most prolific creators of modern close-up magic. Jack's classical, thoughtful magic with cards, coins, mentalism, ring and rope, and assorted objects will impress you with its simplicity and elegance. T
Out of stock. $39.95 $31.96
Amazing Rings by Joe Porper Imagine...You borrow a finger ring, and can just push it through your ring and the two link...and unlink. Nothing to open or close, it's always ready - thanks to an amazing spring-loaded segment that works like Porper's famous GHOST RING!
Out of stock. $350.00 $350.00
Book of Secrets by John Carney - Book 25 lessons for stage and close upA comprehensive course in the art and psychology of sleight of handCritics and readers alike, proclaim it one of the best magic books ever! This comprehensive course of study is a 377 page hardbound book filled with stand up magic, close up, and essays. JOHN CARNEY I
Out of stock. $58.00 $58.00
Shogun Wallet by Buma Possession of this wallet is like a secret weapon that can accomplish the most amazing effects limited only by your imagination. 007 would be proud to own this wallet as it has multiple uses, including but not limited too: switching, vanishing, appearing, as well as signed card to zippered window co
Out of stock. $50.00 $37.50
Bandito by Alex Pandrea - DVD Fresh from the mind of Alex Pandrea comes Bandito - A visually stunning ring and rubberband routine that uses no gimmicks! First, your finger ring magically ties itself onto a rubberband. You then pluck the ring off the band and visually toss it back on! You take the ring off the band again, and hav
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.60
Astounding Magic Set (with DVD) by Fantasma - Magic Learn over 150 tricks with the Astounding Magic Set! Use the mysterious Card Box to make ordinary playing cards transform into one another, make your arm turn 360 degrees in the baffling Arm Twister, and magically make a die pass through a solid board with the amazing Die Penetration Box! The Astoun
Out of stock. $35.00 $27.30
New Pentagram Vol.5 by Wild-Colombini Magic - DVD Peter Warlock's legendary monthly magazine NEW PENTAGRAM ran for 20 years. During those two decades some of the finest close-up and stage magic of the period was explained in its pages. I have selected TEN routines for each volume (in chronological order), so you should expect 20 DVDs dedicated to t
Out of stock. $10.00 $8.00
The Sting by Bill Abbott - Trick An Introduction from Bill Abbott:"In 2006 Lou Leventhal was contributing to an an online forum about a ring flight routine that he had just performed for over 25,000 people at Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. This seemed impossible to me. I had to find out what he was doing to make a traditionally cl
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Ring Flite (Leather) by Premium Magic - Trick Ring Flite is a classic trick. However it became popular after the amazing performance by Al Koran, who improved the method greatly. Effect: The performer borrows a finger ring from a spectator and vanishes it immediately showing his hands being empty. Next he takes out a key-case from his inside ja
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Melt by Genteishiryo - Trick RINGS IMPOSSIBLY MELT THROUGH RINGS, JEWELRY, AND MORE. Melt is the solution to the long standing problems with linking ring magic. Learn how you can display the action of the rings link with slow, elegant motions. No more quick, jerky movements to hide the secret in your hand. You will be able to s
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David Regal Set (Vol. 1 thru 3) video DOWNLOAD Remember when these DVDs were released? People were BLOWN OVER by the variety of material, and the strength of David Regal's performances. They are densely packed DVDs, with each disc crammed full of terrific and unusual magic. This set was BEGGING for a downloadable release, and we are pleased to s
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