Take a mysterious object, imbue it with mind-reading powers, and then... https://t.co/bj4sb..

Cartoon Capers by Gary Jones Imagine a portable hole that you can transfer to a SIGNED card. Congratulations, you've just imagined Cartoon Capers. ONLY 53 LEFT. ORDER TODAY AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
In stock. $19.95
card download hole penetration souvenir
Paper Prophecies by David Parr (Instant Download) Three amazing prediction effects with props you can make and give away!
In stock. $15.00
download prediction souvenir
Fairmagics Linking Card Collection (Instant Download) New Impossible Linking Card Designs
In stock. $6.00
card download souvenir
Napkin Rose by Michael Mode (Instant Download) The greatest give-away since the balloon animal!
In stock. $10.00
napkin rose souvenir
The Gift by Joe Rindfleisch video DOWNLOAD Four phases of devastating magic combine into one unforgettable EXPERIENCE, with a souvenir they'll keep forever. Joe Rindfleisch has done it again. Now you can leave your spectators a gift to remember you by. Joe has packed in a lot of magic in this download. He also teaches a version of Jumper whi
In stock. $6.95
download rubber-band souvenir
Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White (DVD + Gimmicks) As seen on David Blaine's Dive of Death special! A matchbook held by the spectator during your performance morphs into their card! NOW SHIPPING!
Out of stock. $34.95
card- dvd fire souvenir
FOB by David Penn (DVD + Gimmick) FOB is the perfect finale to your existing card and mentalism routines. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $55.00
backstage card dvd key prediction quick-reset restaurant signed-card souvenir street strolling
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