The best modern peek wallet we've ever seen.

AmazeCups (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Orleans - Trick Coins. Glitter. Salt. Milk. Juice. M&M's. You can make so many things appear when you perform AmazeCups. You show three small cups, one at a time. Each is completely empty. Snap your fingers and you can pour a stream of shiny pennies, a cascade of sprinkles, or a cupful of milk. Watch the video
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The Corner of Piccadilly (Tarot Size plus online instruction) by Paul Gordon - Trick IT'S BACK AND - BETTER LOOKING THAN EVER BEFORE! Three antique-look tarot-size Eight of Spades and one Queen of Hearts go through some exciting and magical "monte" phases. The AMAZING kicker is that you end up with ONE Eight of Spades and THREE Queen of Hearts! END CLEAN. NO FAKES. EXAMINABLE. "The
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Tribute By Tony Jackson (Instant Download) The ULTIMATE impromptu Monte-style magic effect! Kiss your Monte-Gimmicks goodbye!
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Little Vernon by John Carey (Instant Download) Using any deck of cards, find a THOUGHT-OF card with no fishing, no math, no keycards. An impromptu masterpiece. LEARN THIS TODAY. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT.
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Triple Flip by Rick Lax (Instant Download) Predict a coin flip THREE TIMES IN A ROW. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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The Vault - Impossible 3 by Yuxu video DOWNLOAD A coin routine that will amaze your audience! Coins appear, vanish, magically travel from one hand to the other, you name it! Learn over twelve unique coin moves from Vietnam's underground coin master, Yuxu! The perfect effect to perform when you are in a loud bar or lounge and you cannot speak. You
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Triple D by Geni (Instant Download) Card trick, Mind trick, Card, Geni
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P...P...Prediction Note by Himitsu Magic - Trick You surely have seen forced selections, but have you ever seen three things that you can force? Such an item would really take forcing to another level, and Himitsu Magic has really done it! For the audience, it is enough to predict a spectator's choice, but this expands the choice to three, making
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3 Choice by Wayne Dobson Predict where a spectator will place not 1, not 2, but 3 items!
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Pocket Collector by Jordan Victoria and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick Three cards are selected and signed by your spectators. They then disappear one after the other in your hands before reappearing in your pocket! A killer effect, really easy to do! SIMPLER THAN EVER! The special cards do all the work for you! This is the kind of effect sought by many magicians. Unti
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