The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

Mark Southworth's Double Cross - Trick The trick that gets the single best reactions? Nick Locapo says Double Cross every time. 8 IN STOCK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Faith by Alfred Dockstader video DOWNLOAD Draw an "X" on the side of your Sharpie and make the "X" move using "telekinetic powers." It really moves - it looks eerie! No Extra Pieces of cellophane No thread work No metal Strips or magnets Download the video and learn this today!
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Moving X By Sultan Orazaly (Instant Download) Imagine you draw a cross on the box and it moves to your palm! Tested on hundreds of viewers.Youll be leaving your spectator completely astonished.SIMPLY and VISUALDownload the video and learn this great effect!
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Crazy Trip by Worm - video DOWNLOAD A spectator's freely chosen card invisibly travels from your hand into theirs! A multi-layered card trick with three back-to-back astonishments that will leave your spectators floored: A blue-backed deck is shown and placed in the spectator's hands The magician then shows a packet of 10 cards, consi
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X ACT Match by Daytona Magic - Trick A spectator is shown a deck of playing cards, both faces and backs. The magician tells the spectator that he is going to mark one card in the deck. He then takes a magic marker, turns his back to the spectator, and proceeds to mark the card. He then asks the spectator to name any card in the deck (F
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MOVINK by Steve Marchello video DOWNLOAD Imagine... you draw something on the card case and the ink moves to a new location! HIGHLY VISUAL! It can even jump to your finger or to the spectator's signed card. One drawing can also move to join another! Best of all, the spectator can examine the card case. The gimmick can be reset in just 15 s
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