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This is by far our biggest black friday ever. So big that we want to give you early access so we don't kill our warehouse team. This sale goes until Sunday Nov 29th at midnight, or (more likely) until things sell-out. And this year, they're going to FLY.

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1) A new Nick Lawrence torn and restored bill that will make your eyes pop out of your skull

2) Paul Vigil's reputation-making coin routine taught for the first time ever on video

3) A device to transform the signature on a dollar bill by Derek Ostovani

4) A new book from Roberto Giobbi featuring 365 secrets (yes 365!!!)

5) The fastest Rubick's Cube change from the grand master himself, Takamiz

6) Move the printing on a playing card VISUALLY

7) Make 2 borrowed quarters become magnetic by Seth Race

8) A limited edition 2020 Christmas Deck of playing cards only 2500 will ever be printed.

Over $1,400 IN MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! Get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for, up to $1,400 in free magic gifts. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

1. Orders over $20 get a free DVD of 11 of Dan Harlan's favorite tricks, from the best magic course in history, including something from every genre of magic, including making a PERSON APPEAR. A must-have. ($30 value)

2. Orders over $30 get an super fun new MUSIC prediction by Josh Burch using CDs which comes in the limited edition November Penguin Magic Monthly! Almost sold out. ($40 value)

3. Orders over $40 also get a free pack of Loops by Yigal Mesika, the #1 way professional magicians float stuff. ($50 value)

4. Orders over $50 also get a free Infinity Bend. A coin bends like it's melting in your hands, then you hand it out immediately. An insane trick. ($80 value)

5. Orders over $60 also get a free soft case for your cards, Sockman's Original Playing Card Socks.($90 value)

6. Orders over $70 also get a brand new deck of Penguin MARKED CARDS. The highest rated, and easiest to read marked cards in the world, you'll be performing miracles that are impossible with normal cards. Includes TONS of awesome tricks by Rick Lax and Jon Armstrong. ($100 value)

7. Orders over $75 get a free Limited Edition 2020 Christmas Playing Cards deck. Only 2500 will ever be made. (a $110 value)

8. Orders over $80 also get Madam Adelie's Invisible Playing Cards, a marvelous prop to turn your normal Invisible Deck routine into a bear trap. Leave this laying around and people can't help but ask you to perform it. ($120 value)

9. Orders over $90 also get a free Knitting Ninja by Chad Long. Magically turn a spool of thread into a silk in front of your audiences eyes. Straight from Chad's professional repertoire. ($150 value)

10. Orders over $100 get a free Illuminate by Mike Hankins Bendy Pen. This thing is AWESOME. You bend a pen like it's made of soft rubber, then with no switch, you hand it to your spectators and try as they might they can't do it. ($170 value)

11. Orders over $125 get a free Money by Jay Noblezada. Four pro money tricks that Jay performs almost every day. One of our all-time best sellers. (a $200 value)

12. Orders over $150 get a free Ultimate Domino Monte (a $220 value)

13. Orders over $175 get a free Cookie Bite by Eric Ross presented by Rick Lax ($250 value)

14. Orders over $200 get a free Tally Ho Elite Playing Cards. Dai Vernon's favorite cards, now in the card stock that modern pros prefer. The best of both worlds, you have to try them out. ($260 value)

15. Orders over $225 get a free Fine Print by Jay Sankey. Look at the priceless reactions!! A card is revealed, and at first it appears you got the wrong card.... until they read the FINE PRINT. ($280 value)

16. Orders over $250 get a free Stealth Pen. One of our absolute favorite tricks. A pen goes through a dollar, then the hole completely heals and you can hand everything out! ($300 value)

17. Orders over $275 get a free Darwin's Encyclopedia of Thumb Tip Magic. This is our #1 best-selling thumb tip product. (a $360 value)

18. Orders over $300 get a free Pandora's Box by Jay Sankey. A diabolical way to make things appear and disappear from inside a card box. The best part? The gimmick is so clever, you can still carry your full deck of cards in the box. (a $380 value)

19. Orders over $350 get a free Fechters Aces. A massive 2-dvd set featuring the founder of the prestigious invitation-only FFFF convention, Obie O'Brien and his signature tricks. (a $440 value)

20. Orders over $400 get a free Thought Toon by Scott Alexander. A pro-caliber ANIMATED prediction of any word someone is thinking of. A truly unique trick: ($480 value)

21. Orders over $450 get a free Lucky Sevens, a massive 3-dvd set of miracles by a true worker: Gerry Griffin. (a $580 value)

22. Over 500 get a free Kung Fu Kap by Roddy McGhie, a hyper visual surreal pencap penetration you need to see to believe. Toss a sharpie cap in the air, and spear it through.. SIDEWAYS. (a $600 value)

23. Over $550? You get Fist Full of Dollars by Gregory Wilson (Half Dollar version). A 3 coin routine that packs a punch only Greg Wilson could create. His timing alone makes watching him on video a learning experience. ($650 value) https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/6731

24. Orders over $600 get a free Mangle, the craziest metal bending tool you've ever seen. Built to last a lifetime, this $80 beast is worth every penny... ($730)

25. Over $650? You get Freeform Mentalism by Peter Turner ($50) -- Bleeding edge mentalism. Peter Turner exploded on the scene by breaking all the rules, and this is his best collection of material. ($780 value)

26. Over $700? Escapology by Dixie Dooley ($100) The ultimate escape artistry course. A rare opportunity to learn unpublished secrets of escape artists. A FOUR DVD set full of close-up, stage and stunt escape expertise from a full-time escape artist who has done it all. ($880 value)

27. Orders over $750 get a free Outside the Box by Nathan Kranzo. One of the best collections of closeup magic ever made. A classic, and a worthy addition to any collection. ($910 value)

28. Over $800? Osterlind's 13 Steps ($240 value). A mentalism masterclass from one of the world's leading mentalist. A lifetime of wisdom and tricks distilled. ($1,150 value)

29. Over $900? Speakeasy by Dan Harlan. ($100 value) You could build an entire career around this one routine. Many people have. ($1,250 value)

30. Over $1,000? The Penguin Cups, Gazzo Cups and Balls AND Carl Andrews Table Hopping Cups and Balls ($180 value) These cups have been called the best cups under $500. They're SOLID copper, spacious and the older they get, the more beautiful they become. They're worker cups. If you're spending a thousand bucks, you obviously love magic, and we want you to have these to say thanks. ($1,430 value)

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Sunday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!

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