Over $700 in free gifts + SEVEN of our newest products + FREE SHIPPING + much, much more..

It's Christmas in July! We're doing a Black Friday caliber sale for the 4th of July. It's SO good that we want to give you early access so we don't kill our warehouse team. This sale goes until Sunday July 10th at midnight, or (more likely) until things sell-out. Some of these items are going to FLY.

PART ONE: We're giving you over $700 in free magic gifts when you shop today. The specific gifts are down below.


PART THREE: All Tarbell lessons are 50% off today, only $9.95 each! The best way to learn magic in the history of the world, at the lowest price it's ever been!

PART FOUR: Ultimate Choose Five for $99. Add ANY five best-selling products to your cart from this enormous list and the price for all of them will magically become $99. Products range from $25 all the way up to $100.

PART FIVE: SEVEN OF OUR BEST NEW PRODUCTS. Some of the best new tricks we've ever seen!

1. Key Master by Craig Petty. The ultimate everyday carry.. it's an entire act that lives on your keychain! Move and vanish holes IN YOUR SPECTATORS hands and MUCH MUCH more. LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER..

2. Boom Box by Andrew Neiner. This device changes everything. Literally. It transforms the card box you already carry into a powerful weapon. EACH UNIT HAND-MADE. https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/17318

3. Flip Balm by Seth Race. The perfect pocket trick with ordinary lip balm, including full routines and instruction by Craig Petty. Teleporations, transformations and more!

4. TNT by Roddy McGhie. Instantly restore a torn card, then immediately hand it out. The ultimate visual and souvenir.

5. Raven Casino. Turn cash into poker chips and back IN YOUR SPECTATOR'S OWN HAND..

6. Brain Child by Kyle Purnell. A miracle, plus a kicker ending. A card is merely thought-of, and then found at a randomly named number by your spectator! And that's not even the kicker!

7. Photo Finish by Dan Harlan From a STACK of seemingly random photos, your spectator finds the ONLY pieces that complete a psychic image using intuition alone!

Over $700 IN FREE MAGIC GIFTS?? Yes! When you place a physical order (one that ships) get ALL of the gifts below that you qualify for. Yes, you get all the ones you qualify for -- they stack!

All orders get IOU by Gregory Wilson! ($15 value) - Powerful magic, a complete routine. Make a dollar vanish, then appear inside your spectator's WALLET.
All orders over $10 get Protect Your Neck by Joe Rindfleisch. A rubber-band passes through your neck over and over again in this multi-phase reputation-maker.

Orders over $30 also get a collection of tricks with a blank card, in the latest Penguin Magic Monthly. ($10 value)

Orders over $50 also get Overly Ambitious by Dan Harlan and Shaun Dunn ($20 value)

Orders over $75 also get Water Tiger Playing Cards - our limited 2022 release. Each deck is individually numbered. ($10 value)

Orders over $100 also get - Coinnect by Seth Race ($30 value) - Turn borrowed coins into electromagnets, binding them together so strongly your spectators can hold them.

Orders over $125 also get - Arrested by Adrian Vega, you've never seen anything like this before. Two cards are revealed in a way you'd never imagine. ($20 value)

Orders over $150 also get - Electric Sensation - a card that shocks your spectators.. literally.  A very startling feeling. ($20 value)

Orders over $175 also get - Restored in Pieces by Cameron Francis. One of the cleverest tricks, a card is restored piece by piece and then handed out! ($20 value)

Orders over $200 also get - Loops, the best way to float things close up. This is what the pros use. ($10 value)

Orders over $225 also get - Wordalism by Josh Burch - Read minds in the funnest way possible, using a game people already play. ($20 value)

Orders over $250 also get iBalance Plus. Levitate a borrowed phone. This gets attention from the whole room. ($40 value)

Orders over $275 also get - Bicycle Elite Playing Cards. The cards that card professionals prefer. ($10 value)

Orders over $300 also get - Money Shot, an eye-popping illusion. A dollar bill just ... instantly turns into a card. You won't believe it until you see it. ($25 value)

Orders over $325 also get - Marked Cards. The best marked cards in the world. Plus 2 hours of expert instruction and tons of tricks. ($10 value)

Orders over $350 also get - Pop Gun by Chad Long. The best card-stab effect we've ever seen. A reputation maker. Shoot a chosen card out of the air with a dart gun. ($30 value)

Orders over $400 also get - Universal Sudden Deck by David Regal. The best opener, and best way to produce a deck of cards just got better. Now you can print any deck design. ($30 value)

Orders over $450 also get - Ultra Lucky Coin by Erik Tait, Built to last a lifetime, this is Erik's signature close-up trick, available for the first time in very limited quantity.. ($40 value)

Orders over $500 also get - Stargate by Roddy McGhie. A mind-warping illusion that will have people scratching their heads whether you do it as a stand-alone piece, or just in passing. ($40 value)

Orders over $550 also get - Thought Toon by Scott Alexander. Any thought of word is revealed by an animated stick figure! Unforgettable. ($40 value)

Orders over $600 also get - Super Shuffle by Mark Calabrese. A card hustlers dream gimmick. Fools magicians all day long. Laypeople don't stand a chance. ($40 value)

Orders over $650 also get - Realist by Greg Rostami. Read someone's mind using their own phone. one of the highest rated phone tricks ever ($50 value)

Orders over $700 also get Frequency by Peter Eggink. Vanish your phone while your spectator is holding it. A surreal feeling, and powerful experience. Watch the reactions and see for yourself here. ($75 value)

Orders over $800 also get 13 Steps to Mentalism by Richard Osterlind. A lifetime of experience distilled into 12 hours of instruction. The ultimate mentalism masterclass from a living legend. ($240 value)

OK ENJOY! Remember it all ends at midnight Sunday, and stuff will start selling out starting...... now!

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