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MAXX EAST 2018: Newark: June 29-30, 2018 (One-Day Registration)

Join John Lovick, Dan Harlan, Michael Weber, Chad Long and more in Newark for an unparalleled TWO DAY convention event! REGISTER TODAY AND SAVE.
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This is a one-day registration for either Friday OR Saturday. If you want to attend both days, AND get the $90 magic gift bag you want the full-registration.

What is it?

STRICTLY limited to 300 guests, The Newark Magic Experience and Expo (MAXX) is a two day magic-FILLED event, June 29-30, 2018 (Friday and Saturday). It is your chance to hang out with, and learn cutting edge magic from some of the world's best magicians. And when we say hang out with, we mean it. Hanging out is ON THE SCHEDULE.

The Penguin Magic Experience and Expo has everything you love about big magic conventions, all at a fraction of the normal magic convention price, and in 2 action-packed days. We're busy. You're busy. Spending 4-7 days away from home, away from family doesn't work for many people.

You will see and learn great new magic. You will hang out with the worlds best magicians. You will make new magic friends, new magic memories, and have a blast.


8:00 pm: We kick everything off with a magic show featuring many of our special guests.
9:30 pm: Then after then show, stick around for a late night magic lecture with Michael Weber!
11:00pm: As if that wasn't enough, John Lovick will give a full lecture and Q&A.


10am-4pm: We open up the Magic Expo Dealers room from 10am to 4pm. This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available.


2:30pm: Diamond Jim Tyler
4:00pm: Chad Long
7:00pm: Dan Harlan


There will also be mini-lectures called "Pro-tip Sessions" running throughout the day, featuring Brent Braun, Michael Kaminskas, and Losander. Pro-tip sessions are shorter, more targeted talks about specific magic subjects, loaded with information that you will REALLY USE.

8:00pm-12:00am: The Penguin Magic Jam Session. Ask anyone of the headliners anything you like, this is YOUR time to hangout and ask all the questions you thought of too late, to see the moves you wanted a closer look at from the show or from a lecture, or to swap jokes, moves or just generally gawk and get autographs :)


  • John Lovick - Fooled Penn & Teller on Fool Us, won Magic Castle's Parlor Magician of the Year award last year, consultant and creator of best-selling magic tricks such as Reparation.

  • Dan Harlan - One of the most prolific creators in the world of magic, with incredible hits like Starcle, All-Seeing Eye, Hover-Card Plus, Vortex, and many, many more. Also well-known as the host of Penguin LIVE and the mastermind of the Tarbell: Every Trick in the Book series. For this special Penguin Magic Experience, Harlan has prepared a lecture highlighting his latest innovations, plus a few old favorites, to illustrate the importance of a well-structured performance. Learn how to prepare professionally-polished presentations

  • Michael Weber - known for creating compelling stories and confounding mysteries. His magic has been seen by millions in films like The Prestige and The Illusionist. He has won numerous awards from the IBM, SAM, FISM and was awarded The Creative Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences. He will teach an assortment of extraordinary effects using ordinary materials suitable for close-up, parlor and stage.

  • Chad Long

  • Diamond Jim Tyler

  • Michael Kaminskas

  • Brent Braun

  • Losander

  • Meir Yedid


ONE-DAY registration: $75.00

Whats included?

  • Friday Magic Show Ticket

  • 5 Full Magic Lectures

  • 3 Pro Tip Sessions

  • Dealers Hall Access

  • Saturday night Penguin Magic Jam Session Pass

Location/Hotel Details

Hilton Newark Airport
1170 Spring St
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Parking will be free for overnight guests and only $5 for daily visitors.

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HUGE improvement from last year! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 3rd, 2018
Wow. What a jump Penguin made from last year’s “Penguin Expo’s” to this year’s “Maxx East!” Admittedly there was some sticker shock, as I think last year’s early bird price was $19.99 and this year’s was $99.99. So the mega question is “Was it worth it?” And the Answer is “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The biggest difference between the two formats was that before it was essentially a dealer fair with a headliner (Mark Wilson at the one I attended,) and several shorter seminars with a little teaching and a lot of selling.

But this year, there were about a half-dozen headliners and a TON of teaching. I filled up five single-spaced notebook pages with comments. It opened with the “Gala Show,” which I would have easily paid $35 for just on its own. For somebody who follows magic closely, it was a special treat to see so many top-tier magicians perform their signature effects, such as Lousander’s “Levitating Table,” Diamond Jim’s Tyler’s “Diamond Jack” routine, Dan Harlan’s “Card In Glass” routine with a cheese sandwich, and Michael Kamiskas’ “Cups and Balls.” (The latter effect is one that everybody does, and hardly anybody does well.) I’d put Kamiskas’ routine up against any I’ve seen before, and that includes Gazzo’s busking routine, and Penn & Teller’s clear cup routine.

While the classes included a ton of teaching, they didn’t diminish from the dealer’s room. Most of the dealers had show specials, and many had products that weren’t yet available online. I especially enjoyed chatting with Chad Long and John Lovick/Handsome Jack.

You could tell that Penguin really paid attention to the comments from last year’s expos and made some distinct improvements. For one, the lecture hall had much better sound, big screen projection and most importantly, was separated from the noise and hubbub of the dealer’s room. The higher price tag and longer, more detailed format, cut the crowd down to a manageable size, which was great. While I enjoyed last year, the crowds made it tough to see the dealer demos, seating for the speakers was limited, and there were too many people and novice questions to have an effective back and forth dialog between the teachers and the audience.

You’ve likely heard the cliché’, “If you learn one thing you’ll use from a class, product or book, it will be worth it.” Well in the case of Penguin’s Maxx East, that adage proved itself many times over. I learned a lot more than just one thing, and much of that will be going into my performances immediately!
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Worth the cost Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 3rd, 2018
Penguin MAXX is a vast improvement over last year's Expo, and though the location was a bit inconvenient for me (It was *just* far enough away that I had to really debate between booking a hotel room or returning home between the two days), it was ultimately worth the time and expense.

- fun show
- excellent lectures
- friendly people (staff as well as attendees)
- though I initially balked at the cost (and took advantage of a discount), this event is actually worth the full price

- The opening night show started half an hour late, and that delay cascaded into the lectures that followed, which were already scheduled to run late.
- The gift bag was good, but not worth anywhere near the amount advertised.

Ideas for Future Events:
- Don't advertise the gift bag; let it be a surprise bonus. The event itself is worth the money. If anybody was convinced to purchase based on the value of the gift bag, that person was disappointed.
- List the topics of the Pro Tip sessions on the schedule. I think this can result in a more engaged audience. (I also didn't show up to the first few because I slept in due to the previous late night, but I might have attended if I knew they were on a topic I had a particular interest in.)
- Send schedule changes out via email to the registrants. Though the change was announced at the venue, I imagine some people missed part of Diamond Jim's lecture because they didn't arrive until the originally scheduled time.
- The lobby between the lecture and dealer rooms was largely wasted space. Maybe the tables that came out at the end could always be there? Host informal workshops on basic card and coin sleights?
- (This is my personal wish.) A lecture that focuses on scripting, character building, or other theatrical aspects of performance, rather than just tricks. In fact, I would like to see a lecture that only teaches one trick, and spends the rest of the time exploring different ways to present it.
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MAXX EAST 2018: Newark: June 29-30, 2018 Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 30th, 2018
This was an excellent convention. It started strong with a really enjoyable show featuring most of the performers. This was followed by a great lecture by Michael Weber. Weber is always excellent! The evening ended with a lecture from John Lovick. Outstanding! I would have received my money's worth if that were the whole convention.

The next day there was ample time to spend in the dealers room plus more lectures. First up was Diamond Jim Tyler who was entertaining. Then, my favorite, Chad Long who was hilarious. The last lecture was the always creative Dan Harlan. Sprinkled in between were mini lectures featuring Brent Braun, Michael Kaminskas, Nick Locapo and Losander. Finally there was the Penguin Magic Jam Session where you get to hang out with all of the headliners. I was so (happily) exhausted by that time that I stayed for a short while and went home.

This was a great value and I will definitely be attending next year!
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What a great convention Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 6th, 2018
Well, the MAXX East convention in Newark, NJ was terrific and a real bargain. There was a stellar lineup of talent performing and lecturing on Friday night and all day Saturday. The facility was perfect with Penguin bringing in lights, video enhancement and sound to properly showcase the talent. In addition to the "stars" there were so many great "names" that came out just to hang. Highlights for me were the Michael Weber, Chad Long and John Lovick lectures, as well as the Nick Locapo and Michael Kaminskas Pro-Tip Sessions. Plus, the Saturday night Jam Session made me glad that I stayed over the extra night. Just the chance to hang out, session and get advice from some of these guys was worth the price of admission alone. Well done Penguin Magic and if they do a MAXX Convention anywhere near you, it is well worth attending.
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Maximum Fun at the Penguin MAXX Event Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2018
My wife and I were at the Penguin MAXX East event held at the Newark Hilton in June 2018. What a great time we had!

To start the event couldn’t have been more professionally run. The penguin staff were on top of everything to make sure of that.

It was incredible that Nick Locapo, Brent Braun and Brandon Gerald were doing so much both days between running the event, hosting the lectures, and demo’ing tricks and effects for us that it seemed like magic itself.

The dealer room didn’t feel like it was just a place to buy the newest item or revisit an old trick you might have forgotten about. It was a place to visit with the Penguin staff and lecturers, ask questions, trade stories and even see a mini performance close up. These guys were ON all day!

The Lectures and Lecturers were all top notch and each had their own unique point of view on the subject of Magic. That was most of the fun – watching and listening to them show some of their favorite routines while giving personal stories as to WHY they perform them the way they do.

Each Lecture became an intimate entertaining performance that always broke into an instructive Q&A. There was just so much magic jammed into their allotted time sometimes it was hard to keep up.

BESIDES the lectures, the event started off Friday night with a show MC’d by Dan Harlan. We got to see Michael Kaminskas, Chad Long, Diamond Jim Tyler, John Lovick and Losander perform what I suspect was some of their favorite magic. And it showed. These guys really know how to grab and entertain a crowd.

Right after the show, Michael Weber and John Lovick each gave a performance and lecture. Both shared ideas and methods to help make us all better performers.

Lectures on Saturday just continued to flow with ideas and methods all geared to make us think about how we perform our magic. We got to hear from Nick Locapo, Losander, Michael Kaminskas, Diamond Jim Tyler, Chad Long, and Dan Harlan each showing something special.

What we really enjoyed throughout the event was the comradery and the love of magic that was shared by everyone. We got to see old friends and we even made new ones. This love of magic was really apparent after all of the lectures were over and the stage lights were turned off. I don’t know if this is a new feature to these events, but it’s a good one. Right after the last lecture we all got together for a jam session. Tables were set up. Chairs and sofas were already there. Everyone got comfortable, visited, and just talked and performed magic in a relaxed atmosphere. You couldn’t ask for a better ending to an event.

I definitely came away with tips, techniques, and a few new ideas to help make me a better performer.

When this Penguin Maxx events comes into your town don’t hesitate – just hit the “Add to Cart” button and be prepared to have one of the best times you’ll ever have.
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Maxx East 2018 Review Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2018
My wife and I attended the Maxx East conference in Newark this past weekend, and I can't say enough about how great this event was. There were plenty of sessions, opportunities to meet and talk to many magicians (Eric Jones, Xavier Spade, Brent Braun, Nicholas Lawrence just to name a few..), and attend some wonderful lectures throughout the weekend (which lasted way into the morning hours).

Can't wait to attend the next one! Well worth the price IMHO!
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MAXX East 2018 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2018
The most precious commodity is time.

I was only able to spend a few hours on Saturday at the MAXX 2018 2-day event and would imagine the rest of the convention was equally as praiseworthy, but I can attest to the fact that the presentations by Nick Locapo, Losander, Michael Kaminskas and Diamond Jim Tyler were extremely informative. I particularly enjoyed the pearls of wisdom handed out by Losander that were more about presenting illusions in general than about the specific magic he displayed that afternoon.

These guys were extremely entertaining as well. Sure, being a magician, you may know how it was done, heck, they even explained it to the audience, but you still had to smile and appreciate how expertly presented their deceptions were.

If you have a chance to go, even for part of it, do yourself a favor and get over to a Penguin Expo for a real treat.

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Absolutely fantastic! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 2nd, 2018
Going to MAXX East 2018 (Newark) was a last minute decision for me, but it was made easier because they packed this "mini-convention" into a Friday evening and a full (morning to midnight) Saturday. What a fantastic time! The Friday evening show was fun, the lectures were all great, and the quality of the lecturers and the dealer room was top notch with leading stars in the magic community. (Diamond Jim, Handsome Jack/John Lovick, Dan Harlan, Losander, Michael Weber, Chad Long, etc!) In addition, the lecturers were around all the time with lots of opportunity to chat, ask for feedback, or just get to know them. Also, the formal jam session was facilitated to really make it easy to hop tables, meet people, etc.

I can't say enough good things about MAXX East. One suggestion: I do think Penguin could inexpensively bulk up the gift bag to look a little more substantial, maybe by including some free written material that they put together just for MAXX events (like a compilation of articles from Penguin monthly or something - wouldn't cost that much b/c they own the copyright I assume), or maybe throwing in a Professor's Nightmare kit and instructions with a card that says to spread the magic and give and teach the trick to someone interested in magic, etc. Or at least a tote bag or something that you can then carry all the goodies you buy at the event. Something that gives the appearance of a little more heft and thought to the composition of the gift bag. But this is a minor point - don't let it detract you from going to this great event!!!
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Great Event - Recommended Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2018
Everything was quite well run and pretty much on schedule. The facilities were excellent. The program was even better - top notch in every way. I would definitely recommend this to all magicians, professionals as well as hobbyists. I won't miss the next one for sure.
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MAXX East Complete Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2018
Great line up - check.
Great performances - check.
Great Pro Tip Sessions - check.
Great Lectures - check.
Variety of vendors - check.
Spent too much money - check, check, check.

On top of all of that you were able to meet with everyone and spend some quality time making new friends. Lodging and parking pricing was a little high. Definitely worth going for the whole event.

Thanks to the whole Penguin crew for pulling this off.
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