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Escalators by Peter Turner (Instant Download)

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This project is a digital video download that contains 10 routines and more than 50 videos.

These are the routines that I have found to be the very best routines from within 13 steps – each one carefully handpicked after years of re-visiting this work of art. I’ve taken each of these routines and ran with them adding my own twists to these effects making them streamlined, practical, modern and hard hitting.

Duped – A Drawing duplication (Impromptu, on the fly any place anytime)

Out of my Mind – A clean out of this world, no swapping piles, the participant deals the first half of the packet face up after mixing them and nails them 100% and finishes with a high crescendo dealing the second half face down and revealing yet again they were perfect.

Q+A – The simplest self working version I’ve seen, participants don’t even need to write for you to tell them the question / the answer. You can perform this anywhere, anytime in any environment.

Magazine Test – 3 participants, 3 articles and you nail them.

A Blind Coincidence – They think of a card never telling you, each of you turn a card face up under the table in a facedown packet and you hand them your packet they name their thought of card spread them and they are the ONLY faceup cards.

Triology – An envelope is placed on a table, you spread a deck of cards faceup and ask them to think of a couple of cards (one they think you are thinking of and one they would like you to guess) – you reveal the card they are thinking of no fishing – and then they name the card they think you are thinking of and it is in the envelope on the table. As the kicker you turn the deck over and that card is the only one with an indifferent back.

Knowledge – You think of a word write it down (never telling the participant) they think of a word never telling you. You both correctly guess each other’s word.

The Mystery of the Message – Someone at a table is asked to hold an envelope and feel who they believe the message inside belongs to. It was written long before getting to the venue – When read aloud it contains that persons name, star sign and date of birth.

Shopped – A list of shopping items are on stacks of cards the cards are mixed and the performer looks at them briefly after the mix (memorising them) the participant takes one item and the performer can instantly tell the participant the missing item. This is repeated with the performer never looking at the stack and the performer dupes the drawing of the item. Revealing a matched turn around.

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A Magic Consultant At Your Fingertips Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 11th, 2019
Yes, you are reading this correctly! With Pete's latest work done under the 13 Souls Productions, what you are getting when purchasing the newer material is actually supremely better than any of his past releases. Here's why I say this.

1. Less Tangents! I know many people love those Turner tangents, but its rather difficult to learn the past material because Peter didn't always stay on topic. Here, you get tangents but they are structured to the point where everything he says is very valuable to the routine itself.

2. More Variations! Because Its done under Pete's control, you get more than 10 routines, you can a bunch of principles, stuff you didn't realize you would need or want to know. I would say, because it seems like Pete or his friends would repeat themselves, LISTEN! Yes, listen to everything. Just when you think you know how its done, Pete goes off into a variation of how to do it a different way.

3. Refined Techniques! If you owned Pete's earlier work, you were thus following him on a journey into the guy that is able to produce materials such as this. While the material was good, the material you get here has matured and some of it is completely brand new.

The question now becomes will you use the material on here?

The answer is yes. In one form or another. I think having followed Pete's journey all this time, I used to use the material as he presented it. With my own maturation, I've learned to take what I like and use it in my own way.

So what I'm saying it some of the material you will use as is. Some you will be able to alter and customize things for routines or other plots you may have. The gold in this project is the principles as play. If you don't like the effect as Pete does it, remember the principles that allow him to achieve what he does. If you are able to do that, then you will be set. Routines are all about choreography. But principles allow you to elevate what you do.

Getting back to why I say this is like having a magic consultant with you because you get the feeling that you are the one collaborating with Pete the entire time. He will show you a way to do the routine, and then show you about 3 or 4 variations, and then openly tell you to use certain aspects in the manner that you may already be comfortable with.

Trust me, you are getting more than 10 effects.

If I were you, I wouldn't treat Peter's instructions as a step by step process (though he does do that). I would treat his instructions as though as you are ready a book. Listen to him (preferably on headphones) all the way through. Then go back and refer to parts you may have missed, just as you would a book. Skipping about is the worst way to digest his material because he's always giving instruction. I make it a point that this is more instruction and less tangent based. Which makes this project one of his better projects.

Though he emphasizes scripts, the effects included are not script-heavy. Just because Peter could talk an hour for one effect, doesn't mean you have to do the same, as like much of his past work is script heavy, this and his later works are a lot more mechanical.

Oh, the effects?

DUPED: This thing separates you from Peter Turner. Is it impossible? No. Can you do it? Maybe. I'm serious. Some of you might not be able to do this because of what it takes to do this. But, you might be able to do something else mentioned. The original use for it. The good part is you aren't Peter Turner so you will know other ways of doing this. This I can promise!

OUT OF MY MIND: This thing is powerful and you will thoroughly enjoy it. Peter fixes a problem that routines like this typically have. So you will love it!

Q+A: THE highlight of the project. Man, this is an impromptu Q&A. The best part about it is you don't have to do Q&A. You can use this as a group mindreading. Think Lewis LeVal's Art Of Knowing but faster. It's easily customizable. You can reveal anything.

MAGAZINE TEST: I don't do a ton of book test stuff. But the principles you learn in this is golden. Was this my favorite effect? No. But You can learn a lot by taking the principles in this and using them elsewhere. But then again, you aren't me. You just make love it.

BLIND COINCIDENCE: This thing is Derren Brown-esque. There are multiple ways to do it. A Purely Psychological method and a Mechanical method. It doesn't matter because the impact is literally the same. I am very glad Pete decided to include both versions.

TRILOGY: Pete is someone of a humble liar. That's a compliment. For a guy who claims he isn't good with cards, sure does know how to do some hard-hitting card mentalism. This thing packs a punch!

KNOWLEDGE: When you learn it, you will smile. Because with enough thinking, you will be able to customize this for a routine of your own or use the principle to achieve something else. But while Pete may figure this as a throw-away effect, it got Fraser Parker good. Fraser replied, "You cheeky bastard" (something along those lines) which when you learn the method, you will say, "I could've thought of that!"

THE MYSTERY OF THE MESSAGE: It's a good routine. The setup seems overwhelming at first, but once you get it, you are set. What Pete has done is built a system to do a variant of some of his best routines such as star signs divinations and D.O.B. reveals, all together under one roof without off the mental gymnastics. When put together, you will be able to (I say) close out a performance with this.

SHOPPED: If you are married or involved and you live together, this is the routine to do on the wife/girlfriend. Unless they too are a magician. Is it a magician fooler? No. Is it a wife/girlfriend fooler? I'd say so. Unless they too are a magician.

What you get here are great routines, but the education from the principles alone is valuable.

For those who own much of Pete's older work, the question you may have in mind (see I'm a mindreader as well)is:

Is there any overlap?

No! As a guy who has pretty much everything he has put out and as a guy who has spoken with him on occasions (though not a Peter Turner fanboy in case you are wondering), this is fresh material. The premises might be similar, and the principles used could be similar. But the routines are completely different from past stuff.

You will be familiar with some principles if you are a fan of his work, but the variants of the effects are something you probably won't be familiar with.

I feel I have to point out that I know of Pete and though I have all his stuff, I am not a person you could label his "worshipper" as some in the cafe might label others. I'm just a guy who enjoys great concepts and principles, and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't purchase this product.



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