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Mental Note - A Quantum Leap in Mental Magic (Instant Download)

Drawing Duplication / Mind Reading / E.S.P. / Remote Viewing / Predictions / Voodoo
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About Mental Note:

Over 50 years ago, Ted Annemann published a method for gaining access to information secretly recorded by a spectator, the center tear.

This utility move caught on quickly and has since become a mainstay in the mentalist's repertoire.

For more than half a century, the center tear has been the most practical and deceptive method for garnering information secretly written.

Until now.

Introducing Eddy Ray's Mental Note.

Let me make this perfectly clear... Mental Note makes the Center Tear OBSOLETE.

Anything is possible with Mental Note

Drawing Duplication - Mind Reading - Remote Viewing - Predictions - ESP

With Mental Note on your side you will have full command over the entire spectrum of Mentalism! The principle can be used to produce a multitude of effects but the bare bones idea is this:

A spectator is asked to think of any geometric shape, ESP symbol or number.

You display a stack of post-it notes and proceed to draw a circle on the face.

The note pad is handed to the spectator and they are instructed to take the pen and draw the shape or number they are thinking of in the circle while you look away.

The pad is then passed to a second spectator who is instructed to remove the drawing from the pad, fold it up tightly and put it in their pocket.

You are able to reveal the shape, symbol or number they drew!

Important points to consider:

At no time do you peek at the drawing.

The second spectator can retain the pad, and the drawing.

Can be done one on one, without a second spectator.

No shiners or reflection devices.

The note pad itself can be borrowed.

All props used are ordinary and unprepared.

There is no fishing. You know EXACTLY what is on the pad.

There are no forces involved.

There are no stooges.

You end clean. There is NOTHING to be discovered.

The effect can be repeated.

The paper can be folded. It can be torn. It can even be burned.

If you currently use a center tear you're well aware of the drawbacks. One is that you have to handle the paper quite a bit while tearing it. So much that your audience may assume you were able to get a glimpse of the contents. Another is that the "billet" or special sized paper used isn't exactly a natural thing to have laying around, no less to be carrying with you. Finally, the center tear leaves you with a bit of the dirty work in your hands.

Mental Note eliminates all these flaws.. and more!


Mental Note is a 27 Page e-book.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 9th, 2019
This concept is not new by any means, nor does it make the center tear obsolete. In fact the advertising states that Is a quantum leap in mentalism, ...it’s actually a step back. For one you have to use a pencil which aren’t around anymore the only place you’ll find one is in an office supply store that’s been there forever. Nobody buys them, unless you’re a drafter but then again there’s CAD for that. This method is hit and miss I definitely would not do this or even try to do this at a paid gig. The center chair is by far more superior than this, Mark my words this product will be long gone and people will still be doing the center tear. One other huge step back is that it’s an e-book nobody likes to read e-books a video would probably be more preferable.
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