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59 Second Birthday Divination Pro (Gimmick+Pdf)by Unknown Mentalist

Exact Birthday Divination Within a Minute
Price: $18.00
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This includes physical product, a poker size gimmick, which will be shipped to you. The pdf can be instantly downloaded from your account.

True, there are many star sign divination methods on the market. But very few exact birthday divinations. There are quite a few by this same author like Happy Birthday Stranger, Zodiak Gods, Birthday Calendar, Elemental, Elemental 2, Signature, Star Signature etc.

The 59 Second Birthday Divination is a unique combination of classic methods which is constructed in such a way that divining the exact date of birthday becomes a breeze for the performer and yet strikes the participant like a bolt from the blue. The special poker size gimmick (included) reduces memory work to the barest minimum, adds mystique to your presentation, helps in misdirection, can be easily carried in your pocket or wallet and is built sturdy to last you a long time.

The participant never utters nor writes down either her birth sign or birth month or birth date. You just ask her a couple questions related to different 'realms' and 'elements'. And you are able to divine her exact date of birth in under 59 seconds. Of course, you can stretch this if you want depending on your presentation and script.

This Pro version shows how additional sub-routines can also be performed which makes this a flexible tool in your pocket.

There are no sleights, no preshow and no stooges. There are no peeks or imp devices and no centre tears. No dual reality or instant stooges. No progressive or branching anagrams. The gimmick is fully examinable before, during and after the performance. The routine is instantly repeatable to another participant. In fact, this can be performed simultaneously to multiple participants (with sufficient practice, of course) for a stunning impact.

A small gimmick indeed but with the power to achieve a big impact.

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