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Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It

a not-so-brief introduction to the world's most underrated pastime
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"Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It" is the result of six years of work by former Cirque du Soleil juggler Thom Wall. This book teaches learners of all ages how to juggle – one of the world’s oldest artforms. With a kind demeanor, humor, and enthusiasm, Wall explains the process of juggling through four different modalities, bolstered by the latest physical education research.

In a moment where people are spending more time at home, pursuing new hobbies and skills, Juggling is a timely and accessible primer that a middle-schooler can hit the ground running with, or that families can enjoy together. But make no mistake, this book isn’t child’s play. With guest chapters by some of today’s modern juggling masters, Juggling provides a wealth of content to span years of study for even the most serious adult learner.


Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It is a complete, comprehensive, well researched, good humored, truthful and just plain fun to read… totally up to date and thoroughly modern, and is the first juggling manual to include a detailed inclusion of siteswap notation. It’s a book for NOW – for TODAY! So many points stood out for me – the discussions of ethics and originality in particular.

I think Thom Wall’s method is the best I’ve seen. I will certainly use it at Clown Conservatory.

-Judy Finelli, former president of the International Jugglers’ Association, co-founder of the San Francisco Circus Conservatory

There are few books that really bring serious content about juggling. Thom Wall’s book is one of them. But is not only a new serious book: it brings a holistic approach, by using solid scientific and historical foundations, by proposing global and modern views, so the reader can not only learn a few good tricks but understand why and how they are related so they can keep improving after reading.

Juggling is so vast that no juggler can know everything about every specialty. That’s why inviting top-end practitioners, as Wall did with the chapters by Jay Gilligan and Fritz Grobe, to complete the author’s view is also very precious. Everything packed with a very clear and fun presentation makes this book a must-read for any juggler in the making—that is— everybody.”

-Denis Paumier: director, teacher, company Les Objets Volants

“As far as instruction books go, this one is definitely in my top ten. I’ve always wanted to know how to juggle, and this book is incredibly user-friendly.

For each move, there are a variety of picture styles in order to appeal to and help different learning approaches, and the book moves from beginner skills (complete with moments of “drill-able” steps for working on fundamentals) to more complex juggling arrangements. Included, too, are common mistakes new jugglers make and how to fix them.

Sprinkled throughout the book are helpful and encouraging footnotes and quotes from actual juggling studies. Despite the difference in content (skills vs the science behind them), both aspects of the piece are delivered in the same friendly and cheerful voice that is developed in each section.

While I may never be a juggling master, I did enjoy this book and will likely keep it handy for anytime the urge to learn strikes.”

-Sarah Thompson, bestselling DIY author

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