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FPS Wallet Brown (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Firm

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You ask and we listened. After the success of the FPS Black we heard from many people asking if we would ever make it in brown. After talking to some of the top wallet manufacturers in the world we settled on Crazy Horse Brown Leather.

Crazy Horse Leather is known for its beauty, strength, and durability. The name is derived from the leather's popularity of use in saddle making - saddlers appreciated the toughness and beauty of this top-quality leather.

Crazy Horse leather is made from full-grain cowhide - the highest-quality natural leather in the world. A coating of natural wax is applied to the leather, then buffed and polished to a rich, smooth finish. Wear and tear will increase the wallets beauty. Bumps and scratches change the color tones in the leather, creating the rich, multi-hued sheen that only the finest natural leather is known for.

You can finally stop searching for the ultimate card to wallet. Slim and stylish, the new Brown FPS Wallet by Brent Braun & The Magic Firm is a minimalist, vintage wallet that you'll love to carry every day.

Behind its vintage inspired Crazy Horse Brown Leather exterior lies the same simple yet effective loading mechanism found in the original FPS Wallet. The FPS Wallet isn't just a magic wallet. It is designed to be your actual wallet, with room for your ID, credit cards, and cash. It also has RFID-blocking material that stops unwanted wireless scans to protect your credit card information.

In the video instructions, Brent guides you through the features of the wallet, multiple ways to set it up & load it, and teaches you his real-world handlings of Signed Card to Wallet. Also included is Gregory Wilson' dynamite routine where a borrowed ID appears inside your wallet.

This wallet belongs in your pants; not in your drawers.

  • The perfect everyday carry card to wallet
  • Made from 100% Crazy Horse Brown Leather inside and out.
  • RFID-blocking equipped
  • 4 internal credit card slots & 1 easy-access outer credit card pocket
  • Removable/repositionable steel money clip
  • Clear ID window
  • Fast & smooth loading system
  • Super slim. You'll barely notice it in your pocket
  • Includes Video instructions for Signed Card to Wallet, Borrowed ID to Wallet and 3 additional handlings including 2 methods that require no palming.
"Brent has solved it. I've seen countless wallets on the market but this is THE most practical for the modern performer. Best in class."
- Joshua Jay

"FPS...Fun. Practical. Sophisticated."
- Gregory Wilson

"A wallet that finally fits my style. It looks so much like my every day carry, I have to constantly remind myself about the magic secrets within."
- Garrett Thomas

"Brent put decades of experience into creating a wallet uniquely designed for real world, regular pants, front pocket card miracles!"
- Michael Ammar

"Love the wallet. Smooth loading and for once it actually looks like wallet someone uses and not some crappy $5 wallet you found on the floor."
- Ryan Schlutz

"Here's the thing with most 'card to wallet' wallets...... They are either HUGE & don't look anything like a normal wallet. Or they just look dumb. Or worse... Both! FPS looks more like a normal, plain hip pocket wallet than any other card to wallet I've seen."
- Nate Kranzo

"I've seen and played with a lot of wallets over the last 20 years. FPS wallet solves all the issues I've had with other wallets and it does it in a sexy, practical everyday carry style wallet. Simply brilliant."
- Adam Wilber

"Finally! A flawlessly functional Card to Wallet, that actually looks like a wallet. Brent just raised the bar."
- Ryan Plunkett

"Brent's FPS Wallet delivers a surprising amount of versatility for such a slim, unassuming design. The wallet itself is beautifully made and easy to use. It has enough compartments to actually be useful as your real, everyday wallet. More importantly, Brent has thoughtfully considered several clever & unique ways to perform with the wallet. Whether you like your wallet in your front pocket, back pocket, or jacket pocket you can use the FPS. I particularly love Brent's ideas for using it while seated at a table."
- Kevin Reylek

"I have never carried a 'magic' wallet outside of a show because they have always simply been impractical, bulky and have looked dated. The FPS solves that and is the first wallet that I would actually choose to carry daily. Combine that with a deadly secret and you are now always ready to astonish while looking great doing so."
- Daniel Martin

"Brent has created a wallet that is extremely useful in every day life. Then he shares a plethora of knowledge that teaches how to create miracles with the same wallet."
- Jay

"Your search for a true everyday carry wallet is over! The FPS Wallet is front pocket CTW perfection!"
- Marcus

"Thin wallet with a thicc clip... that's the way I like it."
- Mike

"Of all the wallets, in all the magic shops, in all the world, FPS is mine."
- Dave

"Immediately replaced by everyday wallet. Holding 10 cards plus Id and cash, no problem. Still thin and perfect for front pocket carry."
- Kris

"Brent M Braun doesn't create trash like some of those other guys. Buy it"
- Pat

"This is honestly the best looking and best c2w wallet on the market. Super slim, ACTUALLY fashionable, practical."
- Patrick

"Solves about every problem I've ever had with C2W wallets, plus it looks like something you'd find in a high end men's shop."
- Christopher

"It's a wallet. That holds money, a few cards, and enough secrets to produce face melting miracles."
- chris

"Really smooth! Love it! This isn't leaving my pocket anytime soon!"
- Magick Balay

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A Work of Art Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 24th, 2021
WOW! I have owned so many CTW solutions over the years, but this one really stands out as an exceptional concept executed exceptionally. The wallet is nice and thin, making it functional and believable as an EDC. Loading is super quick and smooth, and the secret is so cleverly hidden, I'll feel zero magician's guilt putting it in a spectator's hands. To top it all off, the leather and craftsmanship are top-notch. In fact, as far as I can remember, this is the nicest wallet I've ever owned, magic prop or otherwise.

All of this greatness, and we haven't even addressed the detailed, easy-to-follow instruction. Every angle and subtlety of this classic of magic is considered and thoughtfully communicated in nearly two hours of video. This is the REAL work.

Bravo, Mr. Braun! This bad boy is a masterpiece.
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An Incredible Product With Amazing Teach Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 7th, 2021
The FPS Wallet exceeded all my expectations as a product. It's design is super clever, functional and will be a fooler. I can't imagine a better wallet for this effect, but with that covered, I'd like to turn my attention to the other star in this: Brent Braun's included tutorial.

This is not only one of the most thorough tutorials for any magic product I have ever purchased, but it is expertly presented by Brent who shows a keen awareness of where to put emphasis, and where your attention should be focused on every aspect of the learning process.

Many of the elements to these tricks were relatively new to me, and I had no difficulty following the instruction. Not only that, the nuances provided on each step of the presentation were so insightful, not just for these tricks, but for magic in general.

This is a master class in teaching, and other magic productions should take notes. The video itself is worth the price of admission, and the wallet itself will not disappoint.
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