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Genii Magazine: November/December 2012 DOUBLE ISSUE (Instant Download)

The oldest and most respected magic magazine on the planet. Special 75th Anniversary DOUBLE ISSUE. FEATURING OVER 69 EFFECTS! START READING INSTANTLY.
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Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
In Memoriam: Alan Shaxon by Matthew Field

A selection of Magic from Genii’s first 75 Years:

A Novelty Spelling Mystery By Larsen and Wright (April 1940)

The Affable Aces by Dr. Jacob Daley (August 1941)

The Eight in the Side Pocket by Dai Vernon (March 1941)

The Trick of the Vanishing Aces … by Ponsin (November 1941)

Cole’s Rabbit Production From Hat (November 1942)

Boy to Rabbit by Fetaque Sanders (December 1943)

The L.W. Mysteries for Children: Little Jimmie and the Christmas Stocking
by William Larsen and T. Page Wright (December 1945)

A Coin and Silk Routine by Howard Warringer (December 1945)

The Colored Sands by Milton Page Larsen (May 1945)

Magician’s Magician by Cyril Enfield (April 1946)

Brady White’s Automatic Second Deal (February 1946)

The Magic Sculptor by Theo Dore (December 1949)

Ball, Cone, and Hanky by Dai Vernon (July 1947)

Rope of Quong Hi by Alan Wakeling (September 1947)

The Miser’s Dream by Harry Louine (March 1950)

New Cut and Restored Bandage by Silent Mora (July 1950)

The Cup and The Ball by William W. Larsen (July 1951)

The Enchanted Tumbler by Marvyn Roy (September 1950)

“Another” Touch by Stanley S. Jaks (January 1952)

Variation of Larry Becker’s Knot Effect by Tan Hock Chuan (May 1953)

Puncture Proof by Bob Evison (August 1953)

Rabbit in Hat Cut-Out by Keith Lingley (September 1954)

Improved Handkerchief Penetration by Charles Miller (April 1957)

A Dai Vernon Sleight by Dai Vernon (March 1957)

Spike Through Balloon by Richard Himber (September 1958)

Trancendia by Steranko (January 1961)

The Twist by Steranko (March 1961)

Gonesville by Steranko (April 1961)

Checkerino by Steranko (June 1961)

Steranko Cuts the Pack by Steranko (December 1961)

The Touch by Steranko (January 1962)

The Ambitious Card in Reverse by Jerry Andrus (January 1962)

Devil’s Express by Tom Palmer (February 1962)

Benzais’ Silk and Rope Routine by John Benzais (August 1962)

Martineau’s Six Drink Cocktail Shaker! By Francis Martineau (April 1964)

Touch and Go by Richard Himber (May 1964)

Charlie Miller’s Think Card Trick (November 1964)

The Kaleidoscopic Card by Bill Woodfield (November 1964)

Kord-o-Staski by Mickey O’Malley and Frank Garcia (April 1965)

An Unprecedented Effect by Richard Himber (January 1966)

Floating Candle by Mickey O’Malley (October 1966)

A Trick with No Title by David Alexander (December 1966)

Mickey’s Tri-Cut by Mickey O’Malley (October 1966)

An Unbelievable Restoration of a Gentleman’s Cut Necktie by Charlie Miller (July 1967)

The Great Debatable Rope Mystery by Charlie Miller (January 1968)

Bro. John Hamman’s Fabulous Expanding Card by Charlie Miller (April 1968)

The Transfixed Card by Michael Skinner (January 1969)

Coin Vanish by Howard Schwarzman (March 1968)

Tokkuri and Rope by Yasunaga (aka Tenkai) Matsuura (September 1969)

Moving Hole by Masao Atsukawa (September 1969)

The Bewildering Ball Vase by Mike Skinner (December 1969)

Smashing a Watch Then Finding it in a Roll by Charlie Miller (March 1970)

Rouge Et Noir by Michael Skinner (February 1971)

The Joe Cossari Original Inter-Lock Production (March 1971)

A Novel Card Discovery by Mathew Corin (May 1972)

A Perfect Coin Vanish by Steve Freeman (February 1974)

Thru by Ray Grismer (August 1975)

Reverse Red Snapper Move by Ed Marlo (February 1976)

Door Production Illusion by Chuck Jones (September 1976)

Vanishing Wands by Mickey O’Malley (June 1978)

Quarterly Report by Phil Goldstein (May 1979)

Myst-Erase Glass by Andre Kole (November 1979)

Erase the Ace by Paul Harris (September 1985)

Sneaky Sneaker by Kenichi Kuroki (February 1989)

You Think … It’s Gone by Tony Binarelli (July 1999)

An Original Interlocked Card Production by Jeff Sheridan (July 1999)

Stigmata by Tony Andruzzi (October 2000)

Zig-Zag Finger by Angelo Carbone (September 2000)

The Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom (May 2001)

A Magical Joke by Roy Walton (May 2001)

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 3rd, 2012
This Genii issue is amazing! I just love seeing all the old magic inventions. There are several amusing and entertaining letters. I really enjoyed reading a letter from Richard Himber to Gen UF Grant describing his see through pierced balloon prop. Many of these old magic inventions are not made anymore because they aren't cost effective. Genii did a good job of selecting items that would appeal to a large cross section of people. For example, it is hard to find any literature on small illusions. There are several in this issue. A few of these I plan on making, just because they are great effects, and would make a fun project for very little cost.
I highly recommend it.
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