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Ryan Dux - Sea of roses (Instant Download)

Take your date partner to an emotional, romantic future date, and read her mind. Perfect flirt mentalism!
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No more reactions like "That`s an interesting effect." From now on girls will say "Wow, YOU are interesting!",

You are out on a date, the topic is about holidays. Ask the girl to think of an activity that she would love to do with you on a future date at the sea, or at a beach. She freely chooses (=thinks) of an activity. You then try to read her mind, but fail to do so.

No problem, you then go on with a little bit of smalltalk, establishing even more rapport.

After a few minutes, you grab a piece of paper that is lying around on the floor, or that you might find in your pocket. You try to read her mind again! Both you and the girl are signing the paper, wich is otherwise completely emtpy.

Since the activity that she is just thinking of is based around the sea...the water...you ask her to think of the activity again. She has to see it in bright colors in her mind, feel it, hear it, smell it. When she has a vivid image in her mind, you then wet the paper, an the activity/the word, that she freely chose, appears on the paper!

Everything is examinable, of course.

- two tutorial videos
- one PDF including a full example script

This is great mentalism when you`re out with a romantic partner. Suited for both male and female!

You take your partner to a future date, thus establishing an emotional connection.
You create a bond between you and your partner. Positive emotions, that he/she will associate with you.

An astonishing revelation combined with an emotional experience. Can mentalism be any cooler?

A classic pen & paper effect.

- the effect itself is rather complex, learning it isn`t, though. I´ll teach you each phase in detail.
- easy to learn, easy to perform
- no pre-show work
- no special props needed
- no threads, magnets, flaps, mirrors, glitter boxes or stooges LOL

Running time: 60min

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