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Propless Mentalism by Peter Turner Vol 12 (Instant Download)

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This is the 12th Volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass.
The master of Propless Mentalism Peter Turner now offers a full series in this topic.

The definition of which is at best arguable (This is discussed in lengths inside this volume). The definition which I have stuck closely to is - the participant never writes anything down and the only time the mentalist writes anything is to reveal information.

I have tried to make the material as sure fire as possible (not chancy or bold) whilst keeping the process as small as possible - No long winded drawn out presentations. If the presentation isn't as quick (if not faster) than utilizing traditional methodology it isn't in here! I have tipped some of my more private mentalism routines that can be done over the phone and via Skype. Anyone that has read the past volumes knows that I put a lot into these volumes to ensure that they are as in-depth as possible.

I even tipped my close up Q+a! Even if Prop-less mentalism isn't your thing I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this and it might change your opinions.

With contributions from Fraser Parker, Pablo Amira, Thaddius Barker and more!

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 25th, 2018
At first read, I was slightly dissapointed as this somehow seemed to be the least propless of all of Pete's material I own. He goes very in depth in the introduction about how he believes propless mentalism shouldn't stand on its own, but instead be accompanied by effects using props. Which was very surprising to me because Peter seems, at least to me, a guy who uses primarily propless effects.

A Nifty introduction:
Nonetheless; after my first read through I felt a bit lied to. The very first trick not only involves a prop to reveal the information, it REQUIRES it in order to be surefire. I was very dissapointed at first until I realized the beauty of it. What Peter did was create a very good excuse to introduce a billet into play in a way that feels natural (should the trick fail). Basically, the performer writes down a name on a billet and holds it between his hands, and the spectator guesses the name, which is a different name almost every time. If you already use a billet peak, use this effect first, there's no reason not to as it is over in about 30 seconds. 7/10 for me.

Guess Who?:
An ACTUAL propless way to guess a name a spectator randomly generates in their head. This probably works 95% of the time and the process is fairly minimal. Probably the easiest effect to perform on this download. 8/10

A Name and A Place:
My favourite effect of the entire download! It is very surefire. One participant is asked to think of a name and the other thinks of a place and the performer reveals them both with 100% accuracy. This being my favourite effect, is sadly the least propless on the download. Requires two billets, and Pete even mentions how to make a gimmick for it, though it isn't necessary. 8/10

The Phantom Dictionary Test:
My least favourite of Peter's effects on the download (aside from the uninspired input from other creators at the end). The premise is very fun though. The participants create an imaginary dictionary and then think of a word from within it, then the performer divines the word. Most spectators will not think of the right kind of word and it is a little chancy and maybe even a little obvious to the brighter individual. Pete revisited it afterwards and added a way using your cellphone to make it so the spectator has a larger free choice, but I found it quite lazy, and not that direct. 4/10.

RRV by Pablo Amira:

This is my absolute least favourite on the entire download. Even just reading through the performance description it sounds stupid. The spectator thinks of a fruit, colour, or anything really as they, get this, deal out an imaginary set of alphabetical flash cards while the performer "closes his eyes"! XD. Not only is it lame to watch, but all the mystery is taken out of the effect as the audience will always know which letter they chose, and therefore probably able to guess the exact word they are thinking of. Just use a billet for goodness sake! 2/10.

SHERLOCKED by Thaddius Barker:
The best of the guest performer input. A spectator generates a random pin code in their head and the performer divines it one digit at a time. The method is quite direct and feels super real. This has got to be the most difficult on the download however. Quite a bit of memorization and practice is required to pull this off, but it would be amazing in a stage show. 7/10.

Colour Seer by Fraser Parker:

A spectator imagines a colour and the performer... sort of reveals it. It's very process heavy and certainly cannot stand on its own. In theory, this could be used effectively as part of a larger set. Personally I think it is long, boring, and lacks credibility. 3/10.

So this volume is a great volume that will take multiple read-throughs to fully understand the theory and even the effects and gets progressively worse as you read. There are a few distracting typos here and there and Peter does tend to ramble a little bit (which he's been getting better at not doing recently). Overall, it is worth the listed price. Would recommend to intermediate magicians/mentalists as well as working pros. If you are ever caught in a bind, there are a couple really good nuggets in here that are ACTUALLY propless.

Cheers, Joseph.

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