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Origin by Matt Mello (Instant Download)

Get ready to learn a brand new, groundbreaking approach to anagrams!
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Origin is Matt Mello's latest venture into the world of anagrams, featuring new and groundbreaking approaches to this system of mindreading.

Using the techniques and tools in this manuscript, you'll be able to confidently reveal thought-of jungle animals, star signs, "random" thoughts, as well as favorite things, like a person's favorite color or sport.

The methods contained in this PDF will allow you to learn this information without ever needing to ask about a letter. There are a few questions that must be proposed, but the answers never appear to give the performer very much information. You ask if a spectator can concentrate on certain things in their mind, and then you're able to reveal their exact thoughts.

The memory work in the anagram field can often be intimidating, but Matt has worked incredibly hard to make sure that everything about the Origin system is as simple and streamlined as possible. With the unique way that these Origin anagrams are designed and built, you simply move down a list in your mind, quickly arriving at their thought of item.

"Source Code" is the last piece in this manuscript, and it will allow you to not only reveal a person's birth month, but a random number that they think of, as well. This is one of Matt's favorite pieces. He has held on to this for quite some time!

Sadly, aside from "Source Code", which will work in ANY language, all of the other pieces in this manuscript are designed for English only.

Origin is a 37 page, PDF manuscript.

"I'm looking through Origin now and I'm smiling! I like the way you think. It feels like a serious breakthrough in branching anagrams. I love the keywords concept and I'll add it to my toolbox. Source Code is great, and close to my heart, as I've done a bunch of work on this kind of process. I really like the direction and process you've created for this!" - Ran Pink (Creator of Think Pink, T-REX, Conscious Magic)

"Just had a quick skim through the book and was very pleased with what I have read so far. When I purchase books these days I tend to be on the look out for principles rather than routines and Origin contains some wonderful tools for me in this regard. I am very excited to play with them and will report back when I have given it the full attention that it deserves. So far I am a very happy reader and love Mr. Mello's thoughts!" - Michael Murray (Author of A Piece of My Mind, Springboard, The Solution)

"I have to say that I think Matt has come up with a solution to one of the major problems in these 'logic' type effects. I have a feeling that the Triangulation approach is something that many others will use as a base principal for creating these types of effects in the future." - Ken Dyne (Author of Bairn)

"Man, this is BRILLIANT! I love Matt's thinking here and I feel that this is a very smart development of the anagram concept. I'm only partway through the ebook and my mind is flooding with ideas. I think it's important to note that not only is Matt giving the customer solid methods for great routines, but also a toolbox for them to build their own unique presentations with very little work." - Dee Christopher (Creator of Block and Stapled)

"Is it good? No. It's VERY good. Matt tends to think rather unconventionally and this perfectly illustrates that. If you work with anagrams I strongly suggest you get this. Not only will you learn the ones Matt is offering you here, taking advantage of his method, BUT using this new tool, you will be able to adapt your existing ones, given you put in the necessary work into it, that is.

Anagrams were designed to work on restricted categories. They can be used to find a chosen star sign, month, superhero, car brand…I love the idea, but NOT the method. Matt’s method would be the ONE I would use. Without hesitation." - Phedon Bilek (Author of Proteus)

"If you're familiar with Matt Mello, you've probably already purchased Origin. If you aren't familiar, Matt's stuff is the kind of material that is SO CREATIVE, even if you don't use it, you're satisfied that you gained such fascinating and unique information. Matt could work for the CIA/Cult/Copperfield/etc with his gift for dissecting, modifying, twisting ideas we all know into totally different creatures.

All I can say is, if this is your first Matt Mello purchase, be prepared to add all of his other work to your shopping cart/wishlist. I strongly recommend getting this with P.A.T.H.S." - Sean Beard (Creator of Kaos)

"Origin is a very interesting concept, and a nice approach to anagrams! This is very good, and helps to move the concept even further!" - Luca Volpe (Author of Emotional Mentalism Series)

"This is a great offering from Matt. Some may wonder how this compares to Matt's previous release: PATHS. This is totally different. Matt has taken anagram work in such a new route that it hardly can be called anagram work. This whole project is the really forward thinking you've come to know and love from Matt. The ideas presented here take the idea of anagrams to new heights. I think the "guidelines" principal is particularly exciting. I will DEFINITELY use it!" - Madison Hagler

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A Worthy Successor to P.A.T.H.S Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 4th, 2018
My gosh, I've been using the techniques in Mr. Mello's P.A.T.H.S. for so long, and with great results, that they really became an automatic staple in my performances. The ability to sift through a spectator's thoughts without restriction in such an innocent manner was indeed one of my favorite things to display.
So, when I heard about Origin taking anagrams to some other level, I am a bit embarrassed to think he couldn't really do it, not out of spite, but because I genuinely believed he couldn't top his first work, which anyone who has read or seen it performed can tell you was A LOT.
But, out of respect, and the sheer excitement within me, I took a look at Origin, and died.
I have never been so happy to be wrong! This genius of a man actually made the work EASIER and CLEANER!! It's suffice to say that the process is multifaceted, which sounds more difficult, but makes memorization easier (I got it down in a day, as opposed to a week with P.A.T.H.S.)
and makes spectator backtracking impossible.
As a plus, he ever so subtly addresses a problem I believe we all had with the previous Triangulation (probably my favorite anagram from P.A.T.H.S.), that I believe only readers of the original work could appreciate.
His Favorite Things anagram, I believe, offers a lot of flexibility in performance, in the sense that when learned with the aforementioned anagram, you'll be able to decide whether or not you'll be handling personal information as a build up to a great mind reading closer, or as introduction to an influence or prediction routine, for example. Whatever still you choose to adopt, there really is something for everyone in this work.
What's nice for beginners as well, is that Mr Mello has adhered to his original premise of prioritizing getting the answer, as opposed to always getting a yes (impossible, by the way). What that means to everyone new to P.A.s, or just mentalism in general, is that getting a no, or seeming like you guessed wrong, which will happen, should not even bother you, but be used as leverage toward getting your final revelation.
As for Source Code, I really cannot say very much about it, as I have not yet mastered it, but merely skimmed the plot, and found it interesting.
So, if you just skipped this mountain of a review (I don't blame you), just to see my verdict, it's a yes. Yes without a doubt, this the ONLY work (aside from it's predecessor) on anagrams you'll ever want.
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