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INNOCENT by Secret of Magic

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In this 6th DVD from Secret of Magic, we introduce new styles of coin magic, including 7 Routines and 22 coin techniques. These unique and visual techniques will help push your performance several steps further!

In this DVD, you can learn coin tricks that we usually see performed with gimmicks, but this time WITHOUT a gimmick! Thus, you can perform confidently in front of suspicious spectators or even magicians! You don't need to buy additional gimmicks to perform. You only need 6 coins for these incredible effects! If you are a beginner of coin magic, don't worry. These lessons are easy to understand for beginners. We recorded the lessons in an "over the shoulder" view for easy understanding.

- Don't need any additional gimmicks
- Don't need to "soften" your coins

"Graceful and precise, this collection combines some great subtleties with strong visual magic. Some of the best coin magic I've seen in a while!"
- Kainoa Harbottle

"I was fooled many times. His routines are so clever and deceptive."
- Ponta The Smith


1. Dust Coin (Hanging Coin)
2. Spell Bound
3. C-SpellBound
4. Copper & Silver
5. Pure Wild Coin
6. SCV Coin (CSB)
7. 3 Coin Production


1. Middle/Ring Finger Curl Palm (AKA Nowhere Palm)
2. Middle/Ring Finger Curl Subtlety (LTS)
3. High/Low Edge Grip
4. Retention Pass To Edge Grip
5. Edge Grip Production
6. Coin Roll Shuttle/Change (LTS)
7. Coin Roll Subtlety
8. Steeplechase Shuttle/Change (Harbottle)
9. Edge Flip Placement (Harbottle)
10. Edge Grip To Edge Grip Change (Townsend)
11. Himber Vanish
12. Air Himber Vanish (LTS)
13. Jimmy Wilson Grip (AKA J.W Grip)
14. Flat Thumb Palm
15. Finger To Thumb Shuttle/Change
16. Heel Clip Switch
17. Soju Change (LTS)
18. Throwing Change (Ponta)
19. Heel Clip Steal (LTS)
20. Palm Up Steal (LTS)
21. Coin Roll (Normal/Reverse/Back)
22. Edge Roll

Content: DVD
Language: Korean with English subtitles
Running time: About 3 hours

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Phenomenal ! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 8th, 2017
Iam naturally allured to super chop magic
the Asian school of coin magic as Ponta the Smith
has rasied the bar in amazing technical proficiency ! Iam a fan of Chops as long as it's not virtuosity for virtuosity sake cancels it's self out !!! without being conscientious that it's overbearing for an audience to handle !
" Today's Coin magic is all it can be- not all it should be"

The difference between Coin & Cards routines with Coins the sequential visual aspects of a routines structure conveys the story line VS Story line or plot structuring the sequential order of a Card routine in the evolution of Coin magic history Coin magic adaptations of Card routines were created as cards across & wild Card
Al Schneider's
Matrix is were the two arts converge & combine
in conveyance of the story line !
In contemporary literary studies a theme is the central topic a text treats.Themes can be divided into two categories: a work's thematic concept is what readers "think the work is about" and its thematic statement being "what the work says about the subject".
Michael Rubinstein has developed interesting story lines & plots creating
a parallel bridge of Card Magic theme
Interesting or dull it's up to the preformers abilities!

Visual vanishes & appearances transposition Copper Silver- spellbound - transformations Copper Silver wild Coins ect transportations Coin across -flying Eagles - 3 fly ect OSMOSIS cigarettes- fingers - Wands through Coins VS Coins through Silk- Dollar -Cards -Hand -Glass table ect

The main contributing inspiration of today's contemporized coin prestidigitation are
Kainoa Harbottle Geoff Latta, and Mike Gallo Gary Kurtz R Paul Wilson Eric Jones Jay Sankey Brandon Wolf
& Maestro David Roth
&So many others
Innocent is one of the best of the year in my estimation another is World's End by Takahiro Monster by Mott-Sun! & Sick by Ponta the Smith What I don't care for is the titles don't transfer well because of sense of aesthetics but besides that these instructional presentations Phenomenal !
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