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Sizzle (DVD and Gimmicks) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

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* 'Best. Packet. Trick. Ever. James Went, BBC
* An insanely cool, easy to do, 6 phase packet trick
* Includes 9 special USPCC printed cards

Welcome to John Bannon's 'Sizzle' - an absolute tour-de-force of a packet trick. A jaw dropping SIX phases, it amazes the audience all the way up to an ending so impossible, so utterly unexpected that people may well faint.

SIZZLE - You show a packet of cards consisting of three red backed Jokers and an Ace Of Spades. One of the red backed Jokers from this group is set aside, and replaced with a blue backed Joker. Instantly the other red backed Jokers magically change colour to match the blue stranger. Then one of the blue backed jokers is removed and replaced with a green backed Joker; the other Jokers in the packet turn green as well. Impossibly this happens a third time as a purple Joker turns the packet purple.

The Ace Of Spades is then removed and shown to have an ORANGE back design. Even more incredibly when the packet of Jokers is spread out it shows that every card now has a different colour back.

This bewildering and jaw dropping series of visual changes will leave any audience shellshocked... and then you hit them with the motherload. The packet of Jokers is flipped face up to show that every card has changed leaving you with A ROYAL FLUSH IN SPADES!

  • No sticky stuff
  • Ends completely examinable
  • Simple handling / Easy to do
  • Comes with the necessary nine USPCC cards
'Sizzle' is a steroid stuffed version of Alex Elmsley's 'Dazzle' - a routine considered by many to be the greatest packet trick of all time. John Bannon has taken Dazzle to a whole new level. Using just the nine playing cards (provided) you will be able to show an incredible amount of magic. The routine is easy to do (using only simple moves) and ends with a mind melting climax.

"This is Bannon at the very top of his game. The amount of effect he gains from brilliant construction and subtlety is sheer genius!"
- John Carey

"Any fan of John Bannon will want to add little "Sizzle" into their next performance."
- Bill Malone

"My absolute favorite version of Alex Elmsley's Dazzle ever. Elegant and so CLEAN!"
- Cameron Francis

"Best. Packet. Trick. Ever."
- James Went, BBC's 'Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic'

"If anyone could reboot Alex Elmsley's "Dazzle," it's John Bannon. What a fantastically constructed routine!"
- Andi Gladwin

"John Bannon's work on packet tricks has been a game changer, and SIZZLE is the pinnacle of efficiency. So much magic for so little effort, and examinable at the end?! My mind is just blown!"
- Liam Montier

"In true Bannon fashion, Sizzle is elegantly structured and powerfully potent."
- John Guastaferro

"It seems like every time I break my "I don't like packet tricks" rule, it's with a Bannon effect. Sizzle is another broken rule to add to my collection."
- Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed.com

"Sizzle is simply terrific. John has taken Elmsley's Dazzle plot to a new level, and there is not a single gaff (which is hard to believe when you see the number of startling changes), making this an examinable miracle!"
- Peter Duffie

"Dazzle on steroids = Sizzle"
- Raj Madhok

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Very surprising and visual Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 29th, 2014
This is a neet packet trick. Needs practice as all tricks do and relies on good slights to work. Had to practice for 3 days to get it just right. First demonstration was amazing as they were really surprised. The changes are good and there are enough magic moments that this seems like a longer trick than it is. The ending is a good kicker and really surprises.
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Not Bannon's best Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 27th, 2014
If you caught the WMS review of this, that pretty much says it all. Confusing plot and (IMO) way too much repetition.
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